Do I need to make reservations at the resturants?
We are going 8/11 - 8/20 do think most places are avail.?


I tried for Le Cellier for dinner that entire week, and not one spot available. Makes we worry it may be crowded. I’m hoping its booked up because of the free Dining, and it seems to be the most popular restaurants.


Yes, you should make resevations for sure! :mickey:


If you have your heart on any place in paticular (especially character meals), I would call right away… If you are on the dining plan, then you are best off calling. you are going during a busy week and may find yourself waiting far to long to get a table to eat.


As we’ve all said in the past, what’s there to lose? Make the ressies now, so you have the option. If you are there, and decide you don’t feel into it, then just cancel the spot. There are only a handful of places that need a credit card guarantee on a reservation, so there is no obligation, and no loss if you change your mind.


I would say for any special places you have your :heart: set on eating at then def make those reservations. I can’t for one minute imagine that all places are booked up though. They must have to set side availability for ‘walk ins’ otherwise they are discrimating all those who can’t or don’t want to take the dining plan option. There are a lot of people who can’t have this option and so they will want to just walk up and ask for a table. Ok, you may have to wait a bit but you will get a table in the end…surely?


I HATE having to book reservations and have my scheduled so planned out. But if you have a special place or favorite in mind and, more importantly, have a preferred time to eat; you must go with the dining reservations. This will guarantee you have something booked and you can cancel if you find something else you like. We learned the hard way. :blink:


If you have spme place special that you want to eat, I would make an ADR. If you do not care when or where you eat, tou can always find somethig. You may have to wait to get in though, especially at busy times.


I much prefer to have reservations for at least one sit down meal a day. It keeps us from wasting valuable park time wandering around looking for someplace everyone will agree on, and that can fit us in. If it’s all been decided, we can plan our day around that.


If it makes you feel any better, it’s booked for my week in Sept., too, which is not normally a busy week.


I just called to change around some ADR’s for the same time frame.

1900 Park Fare was sold out for dinner the night we wanted. We also wanted 50’s Prime time on one day instead of Chef Mickeys, the only time was at 8:40 p.m.

I was however, able to change the time on my Crystal Palace breakfast with no problems.

I would suggest calling ASAP!!! I think the free dining has caused many people to make ADR’s ahead of time…good luck!


I would definitely advise ADRs, especially if there is some place special you’d like to be sure not to miss… We booked our ADRs for October 2 months ago! :slight_smile:


I would reccomend making reservations because that way you know you’re getting in, rather than taking the chance of asking when you get there. You get that security, and even if you don’t feel like going you can always just call and cancel or not show up. No harm done.


i have to cancel ours as we had to cancel our trip s there will one night avaiable.


I booked my ADRs for all last week months ago because I wanted to be able to get into CRT and Le Cellier. It’s better to be safe than sorry. We did miss a few (just couldn’t make it to that park) and had no problem getting seated at Liberty Tree Tavern and Tony’s Town Square (both for dinners). If you have your heart set on a place it’s best to make the ADR, particularly if you’re going at a time when the free dining was offered or if the restaurant is really popular.


OOOOHHHH, PUHLEEZE LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU DO! I would greatly appreciate it (maybe PM me?).


FWIW, we’ve also had pretty good luck with checking into places each day. Stop by the desk in the hotel or try the dining hot line and they can see what might be open. It never hurts to ask! :pirate: