Resort and/or Park Decorations


Hi everyone…Its Lisa stopping in yet again with a question

How long AFTER New Years are you still able to see the Christmas decorations?

If someone was there January 6th what could they expect to see?

Thanks so much everyone. You are always such a help. Happy Holidays to all.

Love Lisa


For some reason, I’m thinking that the transition date is January 3. I don’t know for sure, but that makes sense, considering how WDW’s schedule is set up. After Jan 3, it’s no longer peak season. They’re also closing CP for rehab on Jan 3. So, it just makes sense that while they’re changing things out, that they would also change the decor. I’m just guessing, though.


When you wake up on January 1, the parks will largely be devoid of Christmas decorations.
The outsides of the resorts will be in the process of being stripped.
The lobbies of the resorts start losing their decorations on the 2nd. I’ve got pictures of them tearing apart the GF’s gingerbread house.

Edit: pictures from Jan 2 also show MK’s tree and other Christmas stuff still in place.


We were there this year on the 6th. We stopped by a few hotels and only POFQ still had their tree up.


I read last day of Osborne Lights is the 4th.