Resort Decorations Christmas


What resorts have the best Christmas decorations?


That’s a matter of opinion, but I would have to say in my opinion the Wilderness Lodge has the best. It is such a warm environment to begin with, then add a Christmas theme. It feels like your in the Rocky’s until you get outside and feel the warm air.


It’s relative to the person. I’ve not seen any I don’t like. BUT since you asked, MY favorites are the Grand Floridian. They even have a huge real gingerbread house that sells, well, gingerbread houses. Beach CLub is really decked out. I think last year they had a chocolate display, Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge were great with huge trees!!! Both very nice. Yikes, I could go on and on. My wife and I did the VMCP last year and are going back again this year. It is a fun event.


I’d say the grand Flordian and The Boardwalk are the best decorated.


From the photos I have seen the Grand Floridian is beautiful. I hope to get a chance to see it this year.


I did a tour last year, I think it was something like “magic behind the holidays”, that took us through some of the hotels and backstage to the holiday decoration dept. I was most impressed with the gingerbread house at GF. Definately go and see it! I also heard about a chocolate carousel I think at YC or BC, but didn’t make it over to see it. I stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and loved their decor too.


I think each resort has wonderful decorations. They are unique to the resort theme.


The Boardwalk was beautiful!!!


The Boardwalk was beautiful!!! I agree with Mickey.


My top 3 choices would be:
1)WL :wub:


I think I will definitely try to get to Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, and Boardwalk. I plan to make PS at restaurants at all those hotels. What about the Polynesian and Contemporary? Does anyone know what they look like at Christmas? We are staying at the Contemporary from Dec. 17th through 24th and the Polynesian is close by.


You should do all of the resorts on the monorail. Since you are already staying at one, just hop on and go. It should be a lot of fun.


I agree. I would try all the monorail hotels plus WL.