Resort Dining and Fireworks


On my next trip I’d like to have dinner at one of the resorts then just go outside to watch either Illuminations or Wishes. Which of the resorts can you do that and do they pipe in the sound?


WOW this is a big question. There are so many. Any w/a view pipe in the sound. Even some of the resorts pipe it in. I would narrow down which show you would like to see and then get some suggestions.

But I’m silly like that …


Wow didn’t know there were a lot. How about just for Wishes?


Polynesian for Wishes

You can eat in England and sit outside and watch Illimunations

Those are the two I always heard about


There is no place to properly view Illuminations from anywhere other than inside the park.
IF you were club level guest at the Boardwalk, you’d have access to the club lounge, which offers a view of the aerial stuff only. Forget about seeing the video globe or the inferno barge. The same goes from anywhere on this side of the bridge between England and France.
Though I wouldn’t recommend it, some of the tables in Nine Dragons are by windows.
Rose and Crown offers passable views from most outdoor tables with only a few providing perfect views in “The Goldilocks Zone”.
There’s the waterside Cantina in Mexico, though I’m not sure what sort of views are offered from the new waterside sitdown restaurant.
That’s it for inside Epcot, though some claim to like the view from the second floor Bistro de Paris.

Wishes: Narcoossee’s has a deck that rings the restaurant and they pipe music out there as well as inside the restaurant.
The beach at the Poly has good views and show music.
California Grill has their observation deck on the north side of the building and there are speakers out there as well as the music being played inside as well.
If you’re staying in the Contemporary, they also play the music on one of the TV channels, so if you have an MK view room, turn on your TV and go out on your balcony.
Personally, I wouldn’t bother with trying to watch from CRT because you’re in the middle of the castle effects and won’t see them.
Watch from over by Crystal Palace, outside, not inside, even if you’re standing on the porch. I don’t know if they play the music inside CP, but can’t see why not. But why are you inside?! That’s no way to watch fireworks!!!


Yeah, what he^ said :laugh: