Resort Dinner Ideas


So, on one of our free days from the park, I need to make a dinner reservation for our group of adults (including some guys with BIG appetites). I’m thinking buffet or family style is the way to go. We already have plans at O’hana and Boma for different evenings. Suggestions? I was thinking 1900 Park Fare, Whispering Canyon, or Chef Mickey’s. Any thoughts on which one is best, or other suggestions?


I think your ideas are fine, especially Whispering Canyon. Have you tried Hoop Dee Doo? It’s all you can eat dinner show.


I love Whispering Canyon and it can be a lot of fun with a group!


Adults - Whispering Canyon is best…


I’ve not been to Whispering Canyon, but the food at Hoopdee Doo is yum (might be too cheesy for a group of all adults…we love it though)


I would try Whispering Canyon also with a large group of Adults. I’m sure you will have a lot of laughs.


We have a big eater going with us Thanksgiving and we have all your choices scheduled expect Whispering Canyon we are doing Hoop De Doo instead. You can’t go wrong with any of them really.


We love Hoop Dee Do. Also think about Cape May at the Beach Club. Good assortment of food on the buffet, and they can handle a large group also.


If you want a good buffet that is not overly expensive try out Trail’s End


Thanks everyone!

While I would love to do Hoop Dee Do, we only have one TS credit for that night. I really think I will have to give it a try next time around! We’ll go ahead and give Whispering Canyon a try this trip :smile:


Never tried Whispering Canyon for dinner… Let me know how it goes. :happy:


We like cape may,buffet style not a huge variety but enough toi satisfy most and surprisingly priced compared to thers, also whispering canyon is a good choice if you like watching kids have some fun


Cape May Cafe is a favorite with our group. Usually we have a bunch of 9 which includes 5 adults. We are always happy with this choice. Food is good and the atmosphere is great.