Resort discounts with annual passes?


I know that there is a discount for regular rooms, but what about DVc rooms? Do they still exist in summer ( the discount)? Trying to talk the grandparents into it. Thanks. I’m trying to decide if it is worth me buying an annual pass for a DVc room. Thanks.


Are there AP discount on Vacation club resorts? Yes, it’s possible to get on in the Summer and your best chances are at OKW or SSR. If you can’t get an AP discount, you can have another discount applied too - again, SSR or OKW is pretty much your best bet in the Summer. I would book an AP room and then see what comes out. If a good AP rate doesn’t come out, change the rate to the current percentage offer.


Would it be better than a pin? My Dad is telling me HE got a pin…


It depends on the PIN offer - there are many of them out there. I can’t say to be sure because I don’t know what PIN he has or what possible discounts are out there for later. AP percentage off is going to be the same or darn well close to what percentage off they run which will more then likely mimic any PIN floating around unless it’s a FREE dining pin and that’s a whole different ball game. The Summer PINs I have been seeing thus far are room percentages up to 35% off and it varies greatly on the resort.


Thanks Dana! We are working on the details!


You’re welcome.:cool: