Resort DVD's?


Does anyone know of any DVD’s available for sale that detail the on-site resorts at WDW? The planning DVD gives pretty poor details and little to no pictorial other than quick pan shots. I know there is a lot of written info out there on the web but a video would be really nice as a decision maker and I would not mind paying for it to ensure a good fit for us.


Not sure about dvd’s for sale, but if you go on the Disney website you can do virtual tours of the rooms. The Travel Channel has done a few pieces on several of the properties. You can find a lot of them on YouTube, I love watching them and seeing the resorts when I am stuck at home!


The DVC website has tours of the different villas too. Happy watching.
Oh yeah go on, lots of great pics of the resorts.


I was going to suggest AllEars as well. They offer some great pictures to browse through.