Resort guests can make ADR's 190 days out


i have been here how long now??? :confused:

i’ve done boat loads of research and STILL did not know as a resort guest i can make my adr’s 190 days out instead of 180!!:eek:

i just called to check about my resort ressie and the CM was fantastic…she said, “you know as a resort guest you can make your adr’s 190 days before your arrical day!”…i sais, “NO!!, i thought it was 180.”, she said “nope! resort guests get a 10 day jump on everyone else!!”

~~ yet ANOTHER perk for staying on property…especially considering we are going during Thanksgiving!!


Very good info to know. Thanks :smile:


Le Cellier at 7 p.m., here we come! LOL


I’ve tried to book 190 days out and the CM told me it was 180 days out and wouldn’t book it. Others have reported it’s 190 but not everyone has been able to book then. I think it depends on the CM.


well that’s a stinker!

i hope i get an accomodating CM when i call!:laugh:

otherwise, i will be hanging up and calling back…over & over & over…until i get one that will book them at 190!:blush:

i want the princess storybook diner for thankgiving diner…and i want it BAD!:pirate: :laugh:


Well…I’m gonna try doing the 190 day bit on 2/7 (my 180 days is 2/17), so we’ll see what happens!


PLEASE return to this thread and let us know how you make out!

good luck!


Good luck, and yes, let us know if you can book at 190 days out.


Wow that’s good to know! I will ask the next time I call…maybe if they say no, it’s worth it to call back and try to get someone else!


Same here…I called to make our ressies for December three weeks ago and the CM said, “Did you know that you can make your dining ressies 190 days out?” I said, “No, it’s 180”. He said it a secret that not all CM’s share. So, when I called back to make a modification, I was told that it’s not at all true…or as he said, “sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t” Whatever that means!


It’s 180days from arrival for up to 10days of vacation or 190 days before your departure date.


I understand what you’re saying and that makes 100% sense, however, the CM I spoke to quoted me the 180 day date and then backed it out 10 days. I believe my 180 day date was June 1 or 2 and he put my date into May.


thanks for the info.


I absolutely will. And if the first one won’t let me…I’ll try a few more times to see what happens.

From the sounds of this the CM has to put in some sort of override code so that computer lets them enter the info, when if is a legit perk for resort guests the CM’s computer shoud just automatically give access at 190 days.

To be continued…


This loophole is there to allow guests to make all of their reservations at once instead of calling in every single day for a week.