Resort hopping-has anyone had a problem with luggage?


I have read that resort hopping (such as going from CBR to Boardwalk) is not an issue, that one can just call bell services and your luggage will be delivered to your new resort. I think that sounds great, but does it really work like that?

My trip is booked, but today I realized I could share my time between a value and a deluxe for about the same price we’re paying for our moderate. Hmmm, an angle I never considered :ninja: (I am sick and need a new hobby). So, I have been in number crunching overdrive and full-speed-ahead semi-replanning mode, lol. I’m sure I can’t be the only DCer to ever do this :angel:

Anyway, I’m curious about your (or your friends) experience with changing resorts–mostly I want to know the logistics of check out/check in and bag transfer, and if it was a hassle or a waste of time. We have an off day in the middle of our trip and it would privide a natural break to do this (so to speak).

TIA :mickey:


We moved from WL to BCV last summer and it went very well. We called first thing in the morning as we were leaving for the parks and when we were done for the day our bags were waiting for us at BC. We had to call and have them brought to our room but they were there waiting.


Thanks DT! I’m glad to hear it went well and that you didn’t have to meet your bags at BC.


Nope, they were waiting that night when we were done in the park.


In my dh’s never-ending quest to save DVC points (they go waaaay up on the weekends, so we’re forever moving. We’re WDW nomads. :dry: And we’ve never had a problem yet. One year we moved from BWV to BCV to OKW and other than having to pack up (this is a good way to learn efficient packing) we simply left it to Disney. Bell services would take our luggage, we’d head to the parks and just check into the new resort at the end of the day. Our luggage is always waiting for us.


We spent our first night at Pop and the rest of our trip at the Poly. It was very easy.We took our stuff to bell services and they took care of everything. We went to the MK and checked into the Poly about 3PM. When we got to our room, we called bell services and they brought our luggage to our room. Just press the EASY Button!
Good Luck


I love that EASY button!

Thanks for the info ladies :flowers: It sure does sound easy! I am going to have to mull this over for a few days, but I’ll let you know what I, er…um…we, decide to do :mickey: