Resort Hopping with DVC


Has anyone resort hopped while using their DVC points? A friend of mine tried it once to experience a couple of different resorts; did SSR during the week, PC on the weekend (paid $ out of pocket to save the points), then tried another during the following week (BW I think). I know Disney will move your luggage as long you transfer between their properties, but was wondering if you booked the nights you weren’t using points or staying at a non-DVC resort with the DVC CM or if you had to make separate reservations.

Prezcatz Paul


We have moved between DVC resorts and between DVC reosrts and non-DVC resorts and haven’t had any problems. It was quick and easy.


We did the same and had to problems. POP to SSR to OKW. DVC made all my reservations, points and non dvc resort. i just did it again for a 1st nite stay at POP and a week at BWV.