Resort jumping


I’m trying to figure out why vacationers choose to “resort jump” when on vacation. Is it just me, or is it a pain in the rump roast to have to pack up everything and everyone just to try out a new resort? Maybe I am of the ab-norm who doesn’t get it. Please enlighten me! :huh:


I’m with you. I’d rather stay put in one place.


Well, I’ve never done it before, so I’ll tell you after we get back whether or not it was a pain.

Here’s why we’re doing it…

Even with the AP rates, we can’t afford two rooms in anything but a Value. But we’ve never stayed at a Deluxe. My younger brother stayed at the Contemporary 25 years ago when he went with my aunt. When she took me 3 years earlier, she couldn’t afford the Contemporary, so we stayed off-site.

Long story short, we’ve never stayed at a Deluxe, but we really like having two rooms at a Value (2 bathrooms, privacy, etc.). So, staying 2 days in one room at the Contemporary is a compromise for us that allows us to “have it all” without breaking the bank.

Based on other people’s stories of having done it, Disney makes resort jumping very easy: they move your bags for you, so all you have to do is pack. We’re pretty good travellers, so packing for us never takes more than 20 minutes, so it’s no big deal.


oooohhhh, I didn’t realize that Disney moves your stuff for you. Thats really nice! I definately want to hear more, but it sounds good so far :excl:


From what I’ve heard (I haven’t tried it yet either, tho I plan to) the day your hotel changes, you check out, tell them where your bags are going, and go out and have fun. Later in the day you can hop over to the new hotel, check in, your bags are already there, and go back and have more fun. 1/2 hour here and there, if you time it right.


I’m resort hopping for my Night of Joy trip,but since I’m driving,I’ll drive myself over to AKL from PC.


Yes, you have a choice, Disney will either transfer your bags, or if you have a car it is easier just to transport them yourself. I would resort hop, just to see other resorts, I would not otherwise be able to afford a full stay at a Deluxe.


It’s funny we never considered changing resorts in the middle of our vacation. We just plan to stay at a different resort each time.


I’m with you DisneyDad. I never even consider changing in the middle of my stay. I am one of those who unpacks everything into the dressers and kitchen cabinets, then hide the suitcase so I can pretend that I actually live there! Since we stay at DVC home away from home resorts, it seems very much like home.


I’ll be interested to see how this works, also. We will resort hop (for more than one day) on our trip in May 2005. 1st four nights at Old Key West, next four nights at Saratoga Springs, and the last night at POR. Can’t wait!


We’ve done it several times and yes WDW will move your stuff. The catch is they do it at there own pace. I believe they don’t promise it at the new resort till after 3 pm. So you go to the new resort without your stuff and check in. If your room is ready you can go to it but you have only what you have carried. So if you have a car move your own stuff. Joe


Normally, in the past, I wouldn’t consider it but for our next trip we would LOVE to stay at a monorail resort. We cannot afford to stay at the Poly for 7 days so we will have to split it between a monorail resort and a moderate to be able to do it. We’ll just make the day we move over a hotel day for swimming and DTD shopping, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. I would LOVE to stay all 7 days in a Deluxe but that won’t be a reality anytime soon as I’d rather have the extra $ to spend in the parks and have nice dinners, etc so we need to resort hop for now if we want to stay on property.


For us, getting to enjoy different resorts is part of the fun! I don’t know why, but it’s just not a big deal at all for us to pack up and move. It’s just an extra 30 minutes or less to put everything back in the suitcases. My kids are old enough to carry their own stuff, so we don’t even use WDW to transfer our stuff now; we just do it ourselves.



On our last trip (July) we stayed at 3 different resorts! It wasn’t planned that way, it just sort of happened. We were going to stay off site after driving all day, then we thought–Pop Century for that first night. That turned into Beach Club Villas for our first night, we then moved over to Shades of Green for the majority of our trip. Our last night was one night at Pop Century. It was easy, I didn’t feel like we spent park time packing or moving.

Our trip was a little different as we only had one night in two of the resorts. I packed small bags just for those nights so we didn’t have to drag all of our bags in for a night. After our last trip I wouldn’t think twice about moving to another resort during a trip. In fact, we are thinking of two resorts next summer during one trip (Beach Club Villas and either Wilderness Lodge Villas or Boardwalk Villas).


:laugh: Same here, we unpack everthing! Load the dressers, hang all our shirts, get the bathroom all set and fix all the extra food just right. Once we unpack Im not going anywhere. Plus once the “just have to have it” Disney stuff starts arriving back at the resort we could’nt leave.


I hear that! I’d worry about things ending up at the wrong spot, since we’ve had some items take some time to make it back to our resort in the past. Although perhaps having items sent to the front of the park instead would be an answer, and just picking them up at the end of the day? Although I know you can only do that up till a certain time, early afternoon, I think…Hmmm.

Say, does anyone know how late you’re allowed to check in at the next resort if you’re hopping? I’d love to be able to give them our bags at the old resort, then off to a park, and not have to show up at the new resort until after dinner. That would really feel like a zero-impact move to me. I’d hate to have to make a special trip to check in at the new resort in the mid-afternoon.