Resort Key/Card



On my last trip to disney my key had Tink on it. Im going back the end of august to the ASmovies resort and was wondering if they give an assortment of keys all the time?

Im going with my girlfriend and she really wants a tink key/card, would I be able to make a request at check in?

Anybody have a favorite?


When I was there in May I had a Tink card but that was my first time staying at a Disney resort. I was wondering if they come in different characters or not.


If I remember correctly when we stayed at Pop for our honeymoon, the DW and I each got key cards with the HCOE on it. I will double check it when I get home tonight and let you know


We were at WDW in May and got a HCOE key. I’ve never heard that you can get different cards at check in and all the cards I’ve seen in the parks have all been the same.


What is HCOE?


Sorry–Happiest Celebration on Earth.


When we were there in 1996, my husband name was on the card.

Do they still do that? I would like to keep my card


It used to be that way but now everyone gets a card with their own name on it, even the kids.


That’s how it was when I went in 95. There were 4 teens sharing a room, and they put 1 girl’s name on all of them with a Magic Music Days picture all in black & white. I still have it somewhere, along with my ticket from the parks. :slight_smile:


Ahh, I see. :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks, that is great to know.


When I went in December last year, they had Tink on them too. I still have mine. :laugh:


Here, now you can really see. This is what they look like right now. It’s the HCOE.


Thanks you Erin, I do appreciate it.
I hope they spell the girls name right… oh I think they will have MY last name… should I call and tell them that the girls have a different last name…

Oh my… :ohmy: :eek: :ohmy:


It should be however you typed them in on the reservation. Can you check your ressie online?


That is a great idea, gotta wait till I get home, actually I have to call them to give them the final installment today…


Yeah, the name you put online is how they put it on the card.

They print them up the day you check in. It seems like so far everybody either got tink or HCOE. Anybody evewr get any others?