Resort Kitchen supplies


We’re staying at Saragota Springs - 2 bedroom suite and 1 efficiency. What type of dishes and kitchen supplies are in the room? Can we cook eggs and bacon for breakfast? Bake muffins ? Have a dishwasher ?

Basically anyone who has been is it like a kitchen at home or should we buy disposable tins for cooking. We are looking to have a good breakfast most mornings and some days late lunch in the room. We only made reservations for 1 meal a day in the parks/resorts - we figured between rest time and snack foods we’d be set. Advise from the experts and seasoned travelers…


You will have a completely equipped kitchen (right down to a roasting pan to cook a 15 pound turkey and wineglasses and corkscrew). Fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave - theiy’re better equipped than my kitchen. With dishes and cutlery for at least 8. Sounds nuts, but I love cooking when we’re at OKW. We always eat breakfast in our suite and some dinners, too. It saves a tremendous amount of money and my dh is the kind that gets tired of restaurant food. Do a grocery run to Publix and stock up. Have a great stay! (Actually, with your accomodations, you’ll have two microwaves, and a bar fridge as well as a standard fridge/freezer. Also washer and dryer. Three tvs, dvd player. Move in - you could easily stay a year. :laugh:


So I assume this means they will have measuring cups? I have to measure out DS infant formula!


Since I will be there in 20 some days that’s great to know as well.


Only the 2 BR suite will have a fully equipped kitchen. So do the 1 BRs and GVs. The studio won’t… that one is just a kitchenette. It has bare basics like a microwave, small refridgerator, toaster.


You’ll definatly have it all, you even get the washing up liquid too, and dont be surprised if you come back to your room once in a while and find that mousekeeping has put a few things in the dishwasher - our’s did this a few times with the refillable mugs, I remember mum going back the room one afternoon then ringing us in a panic because she thought someone had been in the room and stolen the mugs!


If you have a one or two bedroom suite, you’ll have measuring cups.