Resort Mugs


Hello to all,

Does anyone know what the current reusable mugs look like? Can anyone post a picture from a very recent trip?

Many thank!! :biggrin:


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This is a picture of the mugs that were rolled out in early 2009 and they are still in use today.



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This is a picture of the mugs that were rolled out in early 2009 and they are still in use today.[/QUOTE]

Those weren’t the mugs we saw last week, the current mugs are all red, not white at the bottom.


You’re right.
Of course, I just pulled my mug out that we got in October, and it is all red.
That is, it does not have the shaped bottom like the picture. It is straight sided, well actually, it has a very slight taper to it.

I found a picture on line:


in mid July they had color & characters all the way down with a thin white band, about a 1/2 inch or so at the bottom. But def not what’s in the pics above. If I can figure out my scanner i’ll try to post a pic.


I just took a picture and will try to post it once I get it loaded to my computer.


I beat you:laugh:


Sure, you were quicker but I have all three colors in mine!


You didn’t show the matching color handles though:tongue:


i’m glad both of you saved me the misery of learning my new printer/scanner. Guess i’ll save that chore till another day:whistling


Can’t wait to get my new mug! Wish they had four different colours though as we’re a group of 4!


Scanner? For pictures? Don’t tell me you used a disposable film camera instead of a cheap digital camera.:glare:

Don’t forget (and part of this is for every picture we take and post), you’ll need to save that file as a .jpg and not a .bmp when you scan it because a .jpg is much smaller than a .bmp (file size). Then, you will need to resize the scan so that it is 500 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall (if it is a taller picture, you still need to keep the height to 400, which will make the width something like 300 or so). Don’t worry too much, your picture software should have a check box that says “keep aspect ratio” so that the picture will automatically remain the same, just smaller. The reason for all this is that, Mousebuzz has a file size and an image size limitation.


no sg I use digi, but after I print some pics out for the girls books I delete them off my card leaving only paper pic from that point. Usually I download them straight from the card, thus never having the need to learn the scanner, but i’d already deleted them. I didn’t even think about it at the time but I have some pics of mugs from our Oct trip in my album on here that I uploaded for the TR I did.
Thanks for the instruction, when it comes down to it i’m really computer in-compatable:biggrin:


If you already uploaded pics here, you can use the “upload file from URL” line in manage attachments.
As for deleting pics off your memory card, yes, I do that too, but not before I’ve uploaded those pics onto a hard drive (laptop when I’m traveling) or even to a thumb drive. That way, once I’m home and transfer them to my desktop, I’ve got all of my pics on the storage drive on my computer. Also, you should take all of your pics and burn them to a DVD for back up.
Right now, that’s about 6,900 pictures and about 4.9 gig on my storage drive.