Resort Parking Costs


Does it cost to park at the Deluxe resort properties?:huh:

Here why I ask. Since we are likely driving next trip, I thought it might be faster to drive to AKL for our dinner reservations at Jiko than to use Disney transportation.

I was curious if they charged for parking. If they have valet, how much does it run?


No. There is no parking at WDW resorts. In addition, if you are a resort guest and choose to drive to a park, the parking is free.


Valet is $8. There is self parking at AKL as well.
Self parking at the Disney O&O resorts is free to everyone. You do get stopped at the hotel guardhouse where you have to provide ID and explain why you want to enter the grounds.


Thanks guys!:happy:


I know this sounds silly, but we never valet at AKL cause I LOVE using the walkway from the parking lot to the resort. It’s just a little area that they have music piped through the landscape, but boy does it start you in the mood for your African adventure.


This is something that is shared the Wilderness as well (maybe not the music, but the walk). There is a downside though. Don’t try tis in the rain! There are often sheets of water rolling downhill and across the road and your feet will probably get wet. At the WL, look in the concrete sidewalks for “animal footprints”. I’m not sure if AKL has footprints though.


Is this true? I didn’t know that? We were going to have a rental for our whole trip, but didnt’ want to pay the parking at the parks.


Yes, if you are staying at a Disney owned hotel, parking at the parks is free.


Yes, it’s true.


Yup…so true! They will give you a parking pass for your car at check in and that let’s you through all the park gates.


The gate guards check your id against their reservation list. If you don’t have a reservation for dining or a room at that hotel you may not be able to get in. If you do have a reservation for dining, you will get a 3 hour parking pass. There was one time when we had a reservation for Chef Mickey’s while staying at AKL. We got there early and used the valet parking. It wasn’t a busy time and the valet said not to worry about the three hour limit. This may have been a rare exception, or, it may have been because we valet parked.


Valet has actually increased their prices to $10 per day at all Disney deluxe resorts. Just FYI. If you valet, you can leave your car parked there all day, not just for 3 hours.


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Yep, we drive every time we go, they will ask you at check in if you have a car. Then you just show the pass as you go through the gates or the parks. EASY!!


I think I remember reading somewhere that if you have an AP, valet parking us free, is that true?:huh:


Parking at the parks is free with an AP. But, not a Seasonal AP one.


Whats the difference?:huh:

Just checking, are you talking about the Florida Seasonal Pass?


The seasonal resident pass is good for a year with blockout dates. The blockout dates coincide with summer, christmas week and easter week. One of the caveats of the seasonal pass is that it does not come with free parking.


Ohhh! I didn’t know that.:closedeye


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