Resort Parking Question


We are using DME on our trips to and from POP to the airport but have some friends that are bringing a vehicle to the resort for us to use. My question is will they give us a parking pass since we are using DME and will there be a problem for them getting the vehicle into the lot at POP?


The CM at the front desk won’t know you used DME so you will be offered a parking pass if you need it. If the CM doesn’t offer one ask, it won’t be a problem.


Great. Thank you for the quick reply. Anything special I need to tell them to get in the gate at POP?


Just tell your friends to tell the CM at the gate that they are there to see you and drop off a car for you. I’m sure the CM will let them through with no issue.


Just make sure your parking pass is always in clear view on your dashboard. Disney will tow your car if you don’t have one - I saw it done myself last trip. If you are driving to the parks, parking is free for resort guests - and adds one-half to a full hour to your park time.


Even if you did use DME, it’s possible that you rented a car once you’d arrived.
Don’t worry. All you have to do is ask for a parking permit at any time. Heck, just have then give you a parking pass when you check in. They’ve already printed it as part of the standard check in paperwork. They don’t care about the license plate numbers.


We tape ours to the glass lol. My luck we’d go get something out of the car, it’d blow off the dash, and there goes the car lol. :laugh: