Resort Parking


I am going to be making some reservations at some of the other Resorts for breakfast. Is there a problem with driving our car to the resort and parking there and then picking up the car on the way back to our resort? I am thinking we could just pick up the monorail at the Poly and the Contemporary. We are going to stay at POFQ.


I usually get a rental car for my stay as well. When we last went I drove to some of my Dinner reservations and had it valet parked. Others we took disney transportation but I would say to drive ur rental so u know that u are on time. I hope this helps//


We have done this before and we havent had a problem at all. When we got to the security gate we told them that we were there for breakfast dinner (which ever) some of them had names on a list on their clip board and others didnt and let us right it. If you decide to park at a resort that you arent have a meal at lets say the Poly but then want to take the monorail over to the Cont (for you meal) tell them when you get to the poly that you just want to look around the resort and check things out. They wont have a problem with that at all. They’ll give you a vistor pass to put on your dash board on you are on your way.


Okay, this is a very hot topic here on DC.

Officially, parking at the resort for the day is NOT allowed. Sure, some people do it anyway and get away with it, but Disney does not want you to do it. It takes away from the available parking for the paid hotel guests. It became problematic, so they instituted the guest parking with a note on your window policy. This means, unless you are staying at the hotel, you are only allowed 2 hrs to park there.


If you valet park at a resort,you can stay for as long as you want.


Really??? BEcause I have been looking for a real and legal way to park at the Contemp when we go to the MK. I hate the MK parking lot, and we love to end our day at the Contemporary. It’s a great resort.


Now here comes an intersting thing. We all know I stay at the deluxes. I’ve also mentioned that I valet my car at the resort I’m staying at. On my last few trips I discovered that if I was eating at a different resort, I was able to valet my car there, for no additional charge, other than tip. Just something to keep in mind too.
There’s also a time I was staying at the Contemporary, but we were eating dinner at Artist’s Point after Illuminations, so I parked my car at the WL and took the bus to Epcot and back, so I wouldn’t have the hassle of getting from the WL back to the Contemporary after MK had closed and the boats stopped running. I’d prefer not to drive altogether, but it just seems unavoidable at times.


Thanks for the tip on the Valet parking…that will come in handy.