Resort Parking


We are wanting to go into the park the same day we check in to the resort. My question is this. Since we want to go to the park in the morning, before we are able to check in, can we still get a pass to park our car at the resort?


we are planning to go to the resort bright and early, get our keys (for DDP) and then head to the resort. I thought I was told you can “check in” early, but your room just wouldn’t ready. Hope that’s the case anyway!

when do you go?


You get the Pass when you check in even if your room is not ready…


Yes, we just did this . . . you check in, they give you the parking pass and a card with housekeepings 800 number . . . you can keep calling them and they will tell you when your room is ready. AND, like DISNEY MAGIC your keys are activated . . . BUT, they won’t tell you where the room is UNTIL it is ready!


Go directly to your resort. For starters, you are given a parking pass at the guardhouse that is good at all the WDW parks. You also want to at least get checked in and your bags out of the car and in baggage services until your room is ready. Now that your car is parked and your bags are taken care of, leave the car and take the bus. Also by checking in, you get your keys which are usually also your park passes and meal plan vouchers if you’ve gone that route.


With the resort parking, are you able to park your car at another resort (where you have ADR), and is there a time limit at other resorts?


Yes you can, the guard will ask your name, look up your ADR and then give you a 3 hour parking pass . . . But they only ever stamped a starting time at the Contempory . . . so when I went to the GF . . . I left the car in their lot all day, and beat the crowds when I took the GF ferry back to the hotel after the park closed. :laugh:


I think you just read my mind.
We have ADR for 1900 Park Fare, and I was thinking about driving over there, but wasn’t sure if I could possibly leave my car there. The last time I drove over there we valet parked because I was a little confused as to where the regular lot was. It was the first time my DH and I had ever used a valet, and he got a big kick out of it. I think the valet prob does have a time limit.


Valet does, but self park doesn’t . . . you have to go around the drive, pass valet, and then out the gate across the street to the self parking lot . . . since they didn’t put a time on it, we went to breakfast . . . MK for 4 hours, home and THEN BACK TO the lot to park for nighttime at the MK . . . the pass let us right in! :ph34r:

When are you going? Park Fare is closed for renovations . . . FYI . . . not sure when it will reopen, they have you eat in the Garden Terrace room INSTEAD of 1900 Park Fare. Which Dining are you going to? We did the Supercalifragilistic breakfast with Mary Poppins and friends (Two weeks ago), characters were GREAT, food was OK. It was a plated breakfast instead of a buffet like Park Fare.


Yeah, you get the parking pass upon check in as well as your room keys with a fone number to call sometime in the afternoon for the actual room numbers.

Even if you don’t have a parking pass… There is nothing you can do to get your car towed at a Disney resort! We went to the Poly for dinner and drinks on New Years, received a 3 hour, temporary parking pass, and ended up leaving the car over night after getting plastered at Epcot. The car was still there the next day! My brother couldn’t find a parking spot and left his car in a security parking area at an all star resort for the weekend; it was still there when he got back. I probably wouldn’t try testing the limits. But rest assured you won’t have any problems checking in early and leaving your car.


the answer is simply yes. You should check in before heading to the parks. You are considered a guest at the resort at that time and parking is free.


We have parked at the Contemporary and Poly and headed to the MK after our meal. They give you a parking pass and may stamp a time on it. But all you have to do is arrange your two parking passes on the dash so your main pass covers the time stamp on the dinner resort. The CMs that patrol the parking lots aren’t that picky as long as you’re in a self park lot. If you valet your car, you also will have no worries about your car being there when you return. GF does have a smaller self park lot and it is across the road from the hotel (same as Boardwalk) so they might be a little less forgiving at GF than the other two or Yacht/Beach/Boardwalk.


HEy check in and leave your car at our resort…take the bus system…easy and awesome…


Also, I believe you only have to pay for valet parking once per day. So if you valet your car at your own resort, if you drive over to another resort for a meal, you can valet there for free. At least that’s how I think it worked for us last year.


This is correct. We almost always stay at the deluxes and if it’s a multi day stay, I do valet. You are given a hang tag date stamped for that day. It is honored at all other Disney resorts (not Swan and Dolphin however). This doesn’t excuse you from tipping when they take your car and bring it back (usually a dollar or two). I have also prepositioned the car at the resort we will be having diner at, as there is NO bus service between resorts, so, if you’re staying at the Contemporary and dining at Jiko in AKL, I’d run the car down there and take the bus back up to the park.


That’s a bad example. A better one is, we were staying at the Contemporary and were eating at Artist Point, but coming from Epcot and the boats would be shut down before we were done eating. So I took the car to WL and bused over to Epcot from there. Jiko, being at AKL requires a different plan.


I have parked my car in different hotel lots. Has anyone hear of any “tickets” being handed out or even being towed or something? I never have had a problem going to parks after breakfast and leaving the car there all day. I do use the restraunts in the am and I am too lazy to move the car to the parking lot even though I have an AP.
Just curious.


I really think it’s a kind of look the other way courtesy. As a WDW resort guest, you are technically allowed to park in any WDW lot during your stay. The other resorts don’t have to let you park there, unless you are using that hotel’s restaurants or recreation, i.e. marina or spa. Once you are parked, I don’t think they’re hard core about enforcing the 3 hour time limit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tow truck in a hotel lot taking out a properly parked car. There could be times that they do enforce, such as at the GF during weddings or large banquets when they start to need parking or the Contemporary and Yacht/Beach during conventions.


We are going in October, right after the refurb is done. I’ve already checked and confirmed this. We went to this breakfast last year, and it was wonderful.


Don’t want to highjack the thread . . . but we’ll have to try it again after the refurb, cuz it was a little disappointing at the Garden Grill. . . Enjoy!