Resort Payment Question


When we booked a couple of months ago, I originally booked a package, even though we’d only booked our room at CBR. They told us that it had to be paid off by Dec 22, which was 45 days before our check in. When the room only discounts came out, I called, and they switched things around and created our room only reservation, with new balance. What we’d paid towards the trip thus far was refunded and they took a new deposit. I went to pay half of the remaining balance today, assuming we still had to pay the remainder by Dec 22. But they told me our balance was due at check in. I still paid the half, but am confused about when our payment is actually due, and why it changed.


With a room only reservation, the deposit is only one night’s rate at the time of booking.
The rest is due upon check in.
With a Magic Your Way package that includes tickets, and usually a dining plan as well, your deposit at time of booking is $200, regardless of the total cost with the remainder due 45 days before arrival.

That’s the way it works.
Additionally, if they have to make a completely new reservation, you’ll need to come up with a whole new deposit. Your old deposit will be refunded to your credit card in about 3 business days. (Don’t ask me how they handle cash deposit refunds)


:mickey:Excactly what SG said. Packages have a 45days out due date and Room only have an “at check in” due date for payment in full. :mickey:


Ahhhh thank you, didn’t know that. We’ve already gone through the change and they refunded what we had paid towards the package and I had to make the new deposit at the time of the switch(it took several days for the refunded money to make it back to our card, but it did). Now we plan on buying a park ticket package about a week before we leave. We’ll be able to buy a 4 day ticket package without having to add a room package right?


You can buy tickets at any time, if they aren’t attached to a room reservation.
Just treat that as a separate transaction.
In fact, you can wait until you check in to buy your tickets from the lobby concierge.


It depends on what kind of package you are talking about? If you are talking about DDP, I don’t think you can do that. I could be wrong, but I haven’t ever heard of that before. If you are just talking about tickets, you can buy them in advance and have them added to your resort key when you get check in at your resort OR you can buy them at your resort and have them added to your room key.

If you are trying to slowly buy and pay off parts of your trip, I advise buying them at home one or two at a time. That’s how I have done it when booking a room only reservation or renting points.

I apologize in advance if you are able to add DDP. I just haven’t ever heard of it done. Someone please chime in and correct me if that is the case. I have been on package plans the last couple of trips and could be out of the loop on this.


You can add the dining plan back on as little as 72 hours from arrival, but I don’t know why April would be adding the dining plan back on after cancelling it and going to room only.
And if you do add anything that makes it into a package, you’ll be back at that new reservation thing again where they’ll need you to pay in full because you’re inside 45 days and the other deposit won’t make it all the way back to you for three business days.

As I said earlier, you can buy tickets at any time.
Just DON’T connect them to your room reservation.
Make sure it’s a separate purchase although you can buy them once you’re on property and then bill them back to your room.


We were never going to add the DDP, we’ve never gone that route. When we originally booked online we were booking our park tickets so they created a package for us. We’ve always done room only so I found out we had to pay by the end of Dec and we couldn’t afford that by then, so we dropped the park tickets and just had the room. But it kept us under a package even though it was room only. When the room only discounts came out, that’s when they made the switch, so we would qualify for the discount. But they did say we could do the package again and add the park tickets and/or DDP 3-4 days before arrival. I just wanted to make sure buying our 4 days worth of tickets wouldn’t bump us to a package again, making us lose our discount. But my questions were answered, thank you!


FWIW, when not using DVC points and making a cash/credit reservation months in advance, I pay the initial deposit and then pay a little bit each month leading up to the trip so that by the time we leave, the room is paid off or close to it so I have more money to play with while there instead of sweating how much spending money I will have there