Resort pool question


Does anyone know if they let kids use water wings in the resort pools??


I have seen many children use water wings at the pools. They also have life jackets you can borrow.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of those. What are they???

The one thing I do know is that they won’t let you use anything like a raft. We had one a few years ago and they very nicely asked us to take it out of the pool. Reason: It makes it difficult to see below the water.


Billi-My DS used water wings in Pop’s pool last Sept and also at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. I also saw other children with them.

Monique-Water wings are those blow up arm bands that help keep kids afloat in a swimming pool. This explains it better, gotta love wikipedia…
Water wings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Thank you for the explanation!! I guess I know them as “floaties”.:blush:


DS used them before at SSR.


What we boomers consider water wings haven’t been seen in decades.
On the other hand, I’ve seen most smaller kids with inflatable arm thingies at all WDW pools.


I wonder if they’ve OK’s them since our kids were little. I was always told that they are not allowed in the pools, but you can borrow a free life jacket/vest type thing from guest relations for the length of you stay. But, my baby hasn’t used floaties for 5 years - so things may have changed.


The must have. Virtually every little kid I see has them on. The floaties that is.


Did you notice the picture of the water wings on Wikipedia? There were black bands over the eyes of the people in the background to protect their identity. I’m not sure why…but I got a big guffaw out of that! :laugh:


If they are not permitted, I have not seen lifeguards enforcing it. In most cases, the parents are with the child. If a little one was splashing about alone in the deep end, maybe they’d have an issue.

We bring along the kids’ vests if we drive or take the train. If we fly, we use the vests at the pool.


All the little kids were them, they look pretty cute in them too!


My kids never like the water wings/floaties. And they were allowed to use small, blow-up rings/innertubes at WL, AKL and Poly pools. I even asked the lifeguards before hand. They said it was fine as long as a parent was in the pool with them. Darn, I couldn’t just hang out at the bar that afternoon while the toddlers were in the pool! :laugh: JK, don’t call child protective services, please!


I used boulders. I figured if the kids wised up and let go of them - they were so much the smarter. “Things that don’t kill us …” and all of that.

Feel free to use my idea.


Thanks everyone, My 5 yo DD will be very happy!!!:laugh: