Resort pools -- thoughts please!


Please give me your thoughts…
I keep reading about AKL and WL and how much everyone loves these two resorts! I have never seen the pools at either of them, but I love the pool at Beach Club/Yacht Club. So, how do they compare???


Well, none of the pools compare the Stormalong Bay. The pools at the WL and AKL are very similar, and very nice. They both have water slides, kids areas, jacuzzis, etc. The WL actually has a river that flows from the lobby, through the courtyard, into the pool and into Bay Lake.

I asked my kids which pools they prefer. After Stormalong Bay, WL and AKL are mentioned right there with the Poly.


I can’t compare them to Storm-a-long Bay, becasue I haven’t stayed at the BC or YC yet. My DD, who rates our hotes according to the pools (lol) loved the one at the AKL more than the one at the WL. She said is was bigger and more fun. I thought that the WL one seemed a bit more crowded all the time, but we went in october while at WL and January at AKL,so you can’t really compare the crowds at all…way different times of year. No much inforamtion, but I wanted to give you the DD angle.


Interesting thing about resort pools- when you check in at Fort Wilderness, they ask you to initial a “no pool hopping” statement. I didn’t understand why until we saw the pool…

FW (cabins) is now my kids’ favorite resort- it really is an amazing place. But, if anyone from Disney is listening- please renovate/remodel the pool. While clean and large, it is no frills. Yes, I know it is a campground, but there isn’t even a slide there.


I’ve never had to initial a no pool hopping statement. That must be very new!


Once, we were staying at Boardwalk, and we tried to go to Stormalong Bay on a Thursday. We took a table, ate and drank and enjoyed the entire pool area, and charged the whole mess to our room! The next day was a VERY busy Friday, and the hotel was at capacity, so we were not allowed into the pool area. I think it must depend on how booked the resorts are!


DAKL pool is LARGE. I mean HUGE. Like the size of a ballfield. The slide has just one and a half turns to it, and isn’t very high. But the pool is huge. Did I mention huge??? It also has a complete incline like at a beach (they call this “zero entry”) at one end to slowly wade in at.

I’ve never stayed at WL, but was really disappointed looking at their pool. It seemed very small and an odd shape so it would be impossible to do laps in. I can’t even remember what the slide was like. The two hot tubs were right next to each other in the open by the pool instead of in different secluded corners surrounded by shrubs as in DAKL.


YES! I am glad to see they are doing this. I am sorry your pool wasn’t that great though. I haven’t ever seen the FW pool. I am just glad that maybe the people will actually get to use their pool instead of trying to squeeze in next to people who aren’t even staying there. I wouldn’t expect people to be able to just drop in at the ASM or POFQ (which has a great pool) and use that either. I am making a blanket statement about pool hopping here not about deluxes vs other resorts. I am making that very clear becasue it seems many of the DCers are on the defensive this week… :wink: Full moon maybe?


The funny thing is about the “no hopping statement” is that I never would have even thought to go to another resort’s pool… too much of a hassle! I guess it must be a problem though…

Also, the cost for our FW cabin was more than double per night than three Moderates I’ve stayed at (PO, CS, CBR), so maybe they could update the pool a little :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong, we are going back to FW next month…Upgrading the pool is just my humble suggestion.


I agree with you. I havne’t ever seen it, but if you say it needs a bit of updating, it probally does. My comments about pool hopping weren’t directed to you. I never even thought you would. That just happens to be one of my WDW pet peeves. I am glad that WDW is taking action with that. I know those cabins are expensive. How are they anyway? I don’t know anyone that has stayed there? How’s the layout? I know how large that place is. Is it a pain to get around. I was there for Hoop-de-doo one year, but never really looked around. My DD and I were late for our PS and never got the chance to check things out. :mickey:


No offense taken! My older DS (9) actually said “the pool grew on him”. Even after past vacations at PO and CS (both have great pools), he still says he never wants to stay anywhere else but FW. There is SO MUCH to do. Highlights are the sing-along campfire (marshmallows on fire) and a different Disney movie every night under the stars. Personally, watching the water parade and “Wishes” from the beach was great.

The cabin layout was very comfortable for our party of 5. Full kitchen (lots of cabinets) and table for 5-6. decent size Living room with couch, tv, a cute kids table, and a pull down Murphy bed. LARGE bathroom, and a bedroom with a full bed, and bunk beds. Could use some more drawers. FABULOUS HOUSEKEEPING complete with animal towel sculptures!

A deck, picnic table and bbq (cleaned daily by a CM) round out this great place. It’s like camping without the hassle. Luxurious, no. Great family resort, yes!

Interior transportation runs constantly, but my husband and I splurged on a golf cart (suggested here at DC) with the savings from our AP discount on the cabin. We will get a golf cart again next month even at $45 a day.

#12 and show photos of WL pool :wub:

AKL pool photos can be found here:


AKL pool is by far better than WL. We felt very crowded and cramped at the WL. The entire pool area is much bigger and nicer at AKL. The two hot tubs are seperated from each other and much more secluded than WL. Since the WL pool area is so crowded we went to the villas pool and hot tub. Sorry DV Clubers.


After taking a trip over to Y&B, just having the pool makes me wanna stay, although you can keep beaches and cream…didn’t have a great experience…
Anyways IMO I didn’t care too much for AKL pool, I mean the theming wasn’t too great. There definately needs to be some lion king fountains or something for the kids area and just to spruce it up. It was just like a normal pool to me, only not deep enough. Staying at POFQ, I got to pool hop to Ol Man Island, and I actually prefered that one to POFQ pool. I guess the sea serpent didn’t fit in with the mardi gras theme to me. Whereas Ol Man Island really did remind me of backwoods Mississippi/Louisiana.
BW, all I remember is I wanted to bad to try the waterslide cause it looked so cool! As for why I didn’t? Geez I don’t know my roomate was a lifeguard there, I don’t think he woulda busted me. The Poly pool didn’t do it too much for me, I guess cause many of the hotels on the beach down on fla gulfcoast have volcanoes and such in there.
The All stars pool, well they just can’t compare so don’t worry about them. I know there are some other pools, but I haven’t been to them.
Has anyone been to SSR yet?? How was that pool?? I’ve seen concept art, but it was just opening when I was there in may, so I didn’t have a chance to see it other than on the boatride from dtd to POFQ.