Resort pools


Our family will be going to CBR soon, and I was wondering if they have life jackets for kids @ the pool? I have a 3 yr. old who would possibly need one. If they don’t, do you know if I can take my own?


I’ve seen life jackets at all the other resorts so you should find them there. They also let you use the little water wing things if you are comfortable with those.


Why don’t you call the resort you’re staying at and ask. I think back in 1999 All Stars had them for the kids…we haven’t needed them since then so I haven’t paid much attention to it.


We were able to bring our own floatation devices, but the Poly had life jackets for kids, so I assume the same holds for CBR.


I’ve seen them at all the resorts we stayed at with DD (Pop, Poly, BCV, and Boardwalk). We stayed at CBR too with her, but didn’t swim that year, so I didn’t notice.


I haven’t stayed at CBR, but I’ve stayed at all levels of WDW resorts and have seen them at all the pools.


Lexie… OMG the pics fo the new CBR pool look fantastic! You will have to share every detail with us!