Resort Questions


Thanks to all that answered my previous post. We decided we are going to go to WDW from Aug 14-17th. We are going to re-new our seasonals. We do not go enough to justify the annual pass cost. We will just work around the black-out dates vs school schedule. I am in S Florida and my ds starts school on Aug 18th. So this will be a nice ending to his summer vacation.

We have narrowed down the resort choice to either the Polynesian, gardenview room or the Yacht Club. The Beach Club was not available for those dates. Our agent at Magical Journeys found us a AAA rate at Polynesian. We made the reservation at the Poly so we wouldnt lose the rate if that is definitely where we are staying. We have until 7/2/08 to decide.The difference in price between the Poly and Yacht Club is $150.

So here is what I read and have been told:

Yacht Club has incredible pool and I alot more hot tubs then the Poly
Yacht Club has a daybed that is very narrow.
Poly has a couch that flips open to a twin bed (a plus in case the grandparents join us on the 2nd night).
Poly rooms are bigger.
Poly has good restaurants/food
Yacht Club food is “okay”
Poly has monorail access…major plus if it is as hot as we expect it. Easy to go to the hotel for a swim and then back to the park.

So what are your opinions on the two hotels? Which would you pick and why? Any other pros/cons I should know before picking?

Here are a couple of more questions:

Can you rent those little speed boats from Poly? Yacht Club?
How is the pool at Poly? Nice enough to spend a few hours at ?
Food at both…your opinion…

Best building location to request at Poly? We like to be near the restaurants, and transportation center. We also like to be in a short walking distance to the pool.
Best Building location for Yacht Club?

Cant wait to see your answers…THANKS!


Polynesian hands-down if I had to pick between the two.


I would choose Poly. Ohana & Kona are both wonderful. I think the resort is beautiful, and relaxing. 2 Nice pools! They do have a Marina, so you can rent boats, and bikes.


Where are you going to e spending most of your time? MK or Epcot/HS(MGM)? I like any of the resorts in the Epcot area because you are close to two parks.


We stayed at the Poly last December and would again in a heart beat. Yes you can rent the Sea Rays. The pool is nice and they have a quiet pool also.
The food was excellant. Tonga Toast yummy. We stayed at Tuvalu and had a MK view and they also have a garden view. It’s not too far from the GCH or Monorail and it’s a nice walk over to the TTC if you like


First thing to consider, is which parks are planning on spending your time in and how much time. I.E. if think you will be doing MK more than Epcot, then the Poly is a good choice. But if is the opposite then the Yacht makes more sense.

Food: Yacht, don’t forget you are not limited to just the hotel restaurants, you can eat at the Beach Club restaurants along with all of the choices along the Boardwalk. Then you also have access to the World Show case

The mini speedboats can be rented at the Poly and the Beach/Yacht club. I think the Poly is a better choice for this though. You can explore both the Seven Seas and Bay lake. You get a unique perspective of the MK along with the hotels along the water front. At the Beach/Yacht club you are pretty much limited to the lake. Keep in mind though that you don’t have to actually be staying at a particular resort to rent the boats there. You don’t even have to be staying on property to do this


I agree . . . it’s my DREAM resort . . . I would :heart: to stay there!

We live in SF too . . . and are going that same “back to school” weekend!


Here is our basic plan…

Tickets are not valid Thursday so we are planning on spending time at the pool, maybe go to the Boardwalk or Downtown Disney. I dont expect to spend the ENTIRE day poolside but who knows. Maybe rent the raycer boats or sail boat. Basically just have a fun family day.

Friday - extra hours at MGM - be at MGM at 8am and go straight to Toy Story ride. Do that as many times as ds wants to. Do whatever ds wants to do at MGM then head over to MK. Stay there until we need a break from the heat/crowds then go to the hotel to relax. Return to MK at some point for fireworks (unless we are at Poly, then we may watch it from the beachfront)

Saturday - Epcot or whatever park DS wants to go to

Sunday - breakfest then head for home. Hoping to leave by 9am so we are home by noon. I want ds to rest … school starts Monday.


I would have picked Poly, with out a question, with YC second but I let the kids decide. Alas, we are staying at AKL which I have been told is great too! Too far from all the action for me though!


Flip the coin. Both are good choices. Every room we’ve had at Yacht and Beach also had a couch that opens up to a bed.
But if you want to go boating, I’d go with the Poly.