Resort questions


hello! I am wondering what the average temperature for the end of December is in Orlando? Also, will the resort pools be open? Thanks!


We were there this December, and some days it was chlly enough to wear a light jacket at night. During the days, it was Tshirt weather sometimes and sweatshirt weather other times.

I noticed lots of FL people saying tha it was a very unusual cold spell, though, so I don’t think you can count of the cool. The FL people were actually excited abotut he chilly week, because it made them feel Christmas-y!

As for the pools, they are always open and they are always heated.


I thought all the pools were heated.


yup sometimes it gets chilly uo there but not that cold at the most a sweaters worth. lol! but other than that it was colder this year there than the past like 4 yrs.

as missdisney said, the pools are always open with heaters. but, not like off-site heated pools. these really work and are nice and cozy until you step out.


The temperatures can vary greatly. We have been there, and just worn a long sleeve shirt at night, and shorts and T-shirt during the days. We have also had a couple of years, that coming from New England, that we wore sweat shirts with fall jackets over them at night. The pools are heated, but just remember that while the water is warm, the air can be quite cool!!