Resort Req & fax #


I cant remember how many days before your arrival that you can fax a room request or special event etc to your resort. I know that someone here can help me! :biggrin: and also what is the fax # that I have to send it to? I had the number somewhere I cant find it.
Thanks OoO


Go to allearsnet/accommodations/faxing room prefs for all the info you need. There is also a section there with all resort fax #'s. Some resorts no longer accept faxed room requests, you just have to have it noted on your reservation. Good luck!!


I don’t think they take request faxes anymore. You can send it fo course, but I thought that I read that WDW doesn’t take them anymore. It’s my understanding that requests have to be noted on your reservation to be honored. I could be wrong of course, but I could sware I read that.


Just incase they still do take request here is a request builder::smile:


Disney Resort Fax Numbers:
All Star Movies (407)939-7111
All Star Music (407)939-7222
All Star Sports (407)939-7333
Beach Club Resort & Villas (407)934-3850

Boardwalk Inn & Villas(407)939-5150
Caribbean Beach Resort (407)934-3288
Contemporary (407)824-3539
Coronado Springs (407)939-1003
Ft Wilderness Campground (407)824-3508
Grand Floridian Resort & Spa (407)824-3186
Old Key West (407)827-7710

Polynesian (407)824-3174

Pop Century (407) 938-4040
Port Orleans French Quarter (407)934-5353

Port Orleans Riverside (407)934-5777
Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa (407)827-4100
Wilderness Lodge & Villas (407)824-3232
Yacht Club (407)934-3450
WDW Swan (407)934-4499
WDW Dolphin (407)934-4099


Thanks so much… Dana I had no idea that they werent taken them anymore I guess I will give it a chance and see Hey it cant hurt…