Resort Reservations may be softening


With the release of Disney quarterly results, there was mention that demand for on-property resort reservations may be softening. It will be interesting what the discounts could be for Oct/Nov (since that is my next 2 trips)


Oh…I agree it will be interesting to see what “incentives” Disney will be offering for fall travel. I’m anxiously waiting to see what kind of discounts will be offered for Nov.


ummmm, I am looking for a break in January :biggrin:


Ummmmmm…and early February too please!:biggrin:


Has Disney ever offered free dining other than in Sept? Just wondering, that is when we have always gone, but I thought maybe they had offered in Jan/Feb before?


I just called and they have NOTHING posted past 9/30/08 . . . FYI!


bring on the Dec. discounts!! i am getting so hopeful they might be really, really good!!


Do you think Thanksgiving week is “blacked out” for any discount code?


I am definately interested in seeing if there will be any discounts for Oct. Although a little hesitant to use them as I used one back in Jan and it totally messed up my reservations. With using the Discount code it removed my dining plan. Which I thought was wierd. So just a little leary with using the discounts.


Yes. Holiday weekends are not going to see discount codes.

I don’t know if it’s too late for October codes or not.

But with the increase in park tickets, it will cost my family an extra $100 for tickets. So any “discount code” doesn’t mean much in my over all budget.


I just want them to announce everything so I can start budgeting my January trip.


We might start seeing October 1st through the middle of November once the end of the summer deals hit, which I believe is the middle of August. That’s all I am waiting for as well. Checking on the weekend that I am looking at, it appears that all rooms at all resorts are still available, which means we should see some nice discounts.


Nope never saw it any other time other than August/September, but who knows? they may be using that to fill their rooms if their attendance is down.


When are your exact dates . . . I was told I got a “deal” at CSR! If our dates are similar, I’ll PM you the details! :happy:


first, ssn— I am so jealous of your avatar! Way to go!!!

Second, I wonder if slower reservations might mean some additional incentives for DVC too?


Amen to that! I am just bursting, waiting for details about the 2009 rates.:blow::pinch: I can’t believe they are waiting past the 6 month mark to give out the info. I usually have everything planned and budgeted by now. Typically, by this time I’m counting down my days to make :phone: ADRs…and now I can’t even do that!:glare:


At least from the Wednesday before through the weekend. AP and resident rates should become available again the Monday after Thanksgiving through around Dec. 19.


Love incentives…


I’m waiting for a sweet deal for two rooms in October. When do they normally release those codes?