Resort Ressie confusion


I have just made a payment on my reservation and after the payment was processed & the next screen came up with the details of our trip it had strange info. Here’s what the screen info entailed: 4 adults, 3 children. We are only a group of 4 total: 2 adults, 2 children. I called WDW reservations and they told me they can’t help with the online info but that they see 2 adults, & 2 kids in their system. I have called twice to see what the deal is but no-one can seem to give me an answer. What should I do here? Maybe I am over-paying. (I know it’s wishful thinking but you never know.)


well that seems like a problem,is the reservation for room only or a package?also disney does charge for extras ,so you must get to the bottom of it…are you staying at a resort that can accomodate 7 …but don’t be afraid to look into this and get it straightened out


I think I would call them back and ask who does deal with the on line booking system? You’re right, you may be overpaying. I would be quite insistent and dont let them put you off. Or is there a ‘contact us’ on the on line reservation page? It would bother me too.


If you’re concerned about overpaying, have you tried doing a “dry run” booking on line just to see what price comes up?


Great idea soundgod, I will try doing a dry run. Don’t know why i didn’t think of that.


What happened?

When we stayed at the WL I had a problem with my reservation. It took three tries but they finally took the name Cunningham off the reservation and had it be my last name. Everytime I called they would say “We can only speak with Mrs. Cunningham” I told them I was Mrs. H and on my paperwork with the rese # had the correct name why don’t they have it in the system etc.

They told me that they recycle reservation numbers after x amount of years and for some reason the name was not properly removed.

That could be your issue?



I did call again and was told that it “must be a glitch in the system”. However, I did what Soundgod said and after a dry run I don’t think I am being over charged. I have had to call back a few times for other reasons like adding trip insurance, upgrading passes, and buying MVMCP tics and each time I ask about the difference in guests when I see my ressie online and always get the same response.


Disney is updating a lot of their systems right now as they prepare for the 2012 content. We have noticed higher than normal system issues lately while handling client bookings and while dealing with our own trip. This one is a new one to me. perhaps you can request a new confirmation be emailed to you and see if the information is updated then.


Hi have done that and it looks strange to me. This is what the list of guests looks like:

** Guest (14) GIRARD/LYAM/MSTR
It’s the CXLD/L/Ms line that confuse me. Lines 4, 5, 6 are what I am wondering about.

This what I see on the Disney website when I sign in:

Travel Party: 4 Adults, 3 Children
Check In: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 3:00 p.m.
Check Out: Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 11:00 a.m.
Package: Magic Your Way Package with Dining
Tickets: 10 Days

Flight Transportation: Not Included
Ground Transportation: Not Included
Insurance: Selected

We are a party of four total, 2 adults, 2 kids, 14 & 15. Weird Huh?:confused:


Very strange indeed.


As long as it’s right with WDW travel, try not to worry. It would bother me to see it incorrect too, so you are not alone.


OK, so this problem has been explained/ solved. My ressie says 4 adults & 3 kids because that’s how many people they have “processed” under this reservation number. We originally booked a packakge with no dining included. When free dining came out & I modified it, the person I spoke with was having a hard time getting me the resort I wanted but tried a number of different things to get it. (I had been trying unsuccessfully a for a number of days until I got this CM.) I was previously told that getting 2 adjoining rooms at CS with free dining was not available, becuase they were full. In rebooking the process, she had accidentally cancelled our tickets at one point THAT’S what the “CXLD” means (cancelled)!!! So the 3rd, 4th, & 5th lines are just “cancelled tickets”. I had done what Soundgod said (dry run) and I was not overpaying, but still I’m glad to have an explanation.


Wow! What a weird process. So glad you got it worked out though. You must feel like a load has lifted off you.


Just glad to finally have an answer.


I’ve been following this with interest. Glad you got an answer!