Resort roullette!


My boyfriend and I apparently like to play resort roulette. Lol everyday we wonder if any new resorts have availability and click the mouse to see where we can land. He really loathes POP century. He thinks its like a cheap motel. So, since I have been lucky enough to get a $100 winning scratch off ticket & $80 in Disney gc 's for my Bday we were able to upgrade (again) to Coronado Springs. Oye. I think I talk to the Disney people more than my own parents


POP has been refurbed in the last year so it’s been upgraded. BUT CSR is one of my favorites.


Have to love win $$ on ticket. I hit one for 500 and used it to buy 500 in GC to use.


congrats keep it up…the GF is right around the corner


I have yet to stay at GF or All Star Movies.
Technically, because I’ve stayed at Beach, Boardwalk, and WL, I consider that I’ve stayed at those DVCs as well. I’ve stayed at OKW, but not SSR. So, I’ve got three to go and I doubt very much I’ll stay at SSR.
I do not know if I consider BLT to be a separate resort from the Contemporary, but I do want to stay there.
I’m guessing that I’ll hit BLT before GF at this rate, but I’m seriously doubting that I’ll ever do Movies.
Oh yeah, also stayed at Swan and Dolphin.


My goal is to be able to stay at all of the WDW resorts! We’ll see…

Have fun!


PS I think we are gonna be there at the same time!