Resort Transfer


Ok, so i booked our first night at Wilderness Lodge, and currently the rest of the trip is at Saratoga Springs (hopefully this will change). It would be really awesome if we can get switched to the Wilderness Lodge Villas…

My question is… The first night is booked under my name and the rest of the trip is in my partners name. Will we have any issues when we want to have our luggage transferred from one resort to the next? Or would we better off getting a taxi and just taking the luggage with us? Since we have to go there and check in anyhow?

I think i just answered my own question…


You shouldn’t have any problems with two different names. We did it a couple of years ago when we met up with firends and stayed in a 2 bedroom DVC unit under their name. We called bell services at WL and told them whice resort we were moving to and when we got to BCV we called and had our bags brought up. No problems.


Also, can’t you put your partner’s name under your reservation and vice-versa? I have always been able to do that in the past at other resorts (just in case we get split up and the other person needs a key, etc…).


I don’t believe you will have any problems. Just make sure they know the room is under your partner’s name. :slight_smile:


When our luggage was picked up at Beach Club it was tagged with my DH’s name because he was the one doing it but our reservation was under my name so I really don’t think the name on the reservation matters. When we got to BW he just gave his name when he called to get the luggage brought to our room.


You put little WDW luggage tags on them for you next reosrt. Put them in your partner’s name, so there isn’t any confusion.


When checking in ask if there are any rooms at the Villas, if yes ask them to call central reservations to see how much an upgrade might be, it might be real cheap…or free. I was at Contemporary last year for 7 nights, suposed to be in a wing, asked how much to upgrade to concierge…answer FREE!!!