Resort tv?


Hi there,
Last year in our room at CSR, we had resort TV, with the “tip for the day”, and it covered all the parks and attractions, almost like the vacation planning video. I’ve read on other sites that they’ve changed this and that the TV in the resort is just the young lady from the magical gatherings planning video, and she just talks, and doesn’t really show parks and attractions. Say it ain’t so!! :crying: :noo:
We used to love coming back to the room and watching resort tv (even though it was a continuous loop of the same stuff-we had it memorized by the time we left). Can anyone who has stayed on site recently comment on this for me? what does the resort TV consist of now? thanks! :mickey:


I hope that didn’t change. I use to love to watch that.


When I was there in July, the only thing they had on there was other Disney Vacations, Disney Vacation Club, and then WDW Tour. WDW Tour has changed now from what it used to be and it is now the Top 7 things to do @ WDW and this girl, I don’t think it was the one from the video, shows u the attractions and you actually get to see her ride them and all that.


top 7 attractions??? 7 barely scratches the surface of all there is to do. That is kinda disappointing


I miss the old show on resort TV. I remember watching the show every time we were there, kinda a comfort thing. The new show with the girl doing the tour just doesn’t seem as interesting.


Last year my daughter and my niece got to be extras when they said they were filming the in room tour things for blizzard beach. They said it would be on for the year of 2004 and i cant wait to see it.


Do you mean that Clarissa? I’m sorry,but she comes across as an empty-headed bimbo.


I like the girl…I guess it doesn’t hurt that she’s pretty nice to look at…


HAHAHA. She is VERY annoying however. She was on when we were there back in February. It is a very short loop, and covers VERY simple things lile fireworks and parades and major attractions.


lol well when the same thing gets shown over and over again anything can get annoying. Yeah I can only watch it so many times…but still.


Oh, that girl drove me crazy. I was also looking forward to the “tip for today” resort TV (we really enjoyed it last October), but this new girl was so annoying that we ended up watching the travel channel for most of our time in the room. WDW resort TV doesn’t offer anything fun-to-watch anymore. :frowning:


We have a bit of a tradition, as soon as we get into the room our DD throws on the resort channel and we see how much we remember from the previous year. Tip Of The Day has always been my favorite. Image the look on my DD face when she turns it on and there is Clarissa doing her spiel. Just not the same! But hey, it got us out of the room and down to the pool in one heck of a hurry, lol.



“zip a dee doo da…
Tip for today…”

Yeah - we use to love turning on the set and watching commercials for the place you’re ALREADY visiting. After a couple of minutes it got a little grating, but I don’t think a trip to Disney is complete without it.

And yes, they changed the Tip. It used to be a big yellow Park Hopper, with a kind of goofy guy in a yellow polo shirt who’d explain lots of different aspects of the park – but they now have a Samantha Brown (of the Travel Channel) Wanna-be, who is not quite as fun or charming as the real thing. Samantha is fun and genuine, and you can tell she writes some of her own material. This girl on the Disney show is just trying too hard to be just as quirky as Samantha, and it come off kind of strangely. But still, the programs are entertaining, and you do get to see previews of upcoming or current Disney productions and them park attractions, so it’s still fun in it’s own way, imho.


You know if you watch the spanish version it’s the old Tip for today loop. I was flipping through and was getting excited when I saw it, then I realized it was spanish!
As for whats her name with the top 7, yeah that would be ok if it was one aspect of the loop, but the whole day!!! Oh it drove me crazy!!! I kept waiting for something else to be on…but no…
Oh yeah and if I hear thats stupid little whiney girl in the worst English accent go,“Fish and chips fish and chips, CHIPS PLEASE…YAAAAAAAYYYY!!!” one more time…oh man, well actually I don’t know what I’ll do.
Also the loop covers the top 7 or whatever, but it doesn’t go into detail of what you really need. Still metal fan did have a point, she was easy on the eyes, so naturally I always watched the part when she was at the waterpark heh heh… geez only 25 and already a dirty old man!


My son (4) loved the top 7 and always wanted to watch it even though he had already seen it over and over. It really is more than the top 7 because they throw in about 3 other things with each of the 7. I have nothing else to compare it too since this was our first time and we all liked it. She is very perky, though.


She is too perky, especially at about 6:30 am or 11 PM, when you are very tired.