Resort Upgrade...Best way to acheive the best deal



Planned my trip for the end of augaust (B-day trip) and will be staying 8-days at ASMovies.

I was planning on staying at one of the mod resorts, POFQ in particular but didnt book the preffered flight i wanted and now with airfare getting higher and higher I had to make some adjustments to my plan.

I actually got the best deal on Spirit Air Plus by extending my trip Saturday to Saturday. In comparison to what i saved on the airfare allowed me to extend my trip and still save over my original plan. Originaly i was going to do S-F but the airefare and my planned time of travel for those days were :nuke: !!!

I actually called Spirit direct and they offered me a deal on Spirit Plus. Got a good deal becasue i was booking along with a few other flights I will be taking this year.

Anyway getting back to my question…

Im all booked and set to go. What would be the best to way to acheive the cheapest upgrade :glare: Im planning on calling them direct and seeing what they could do. I figure I have more leverage since im all booked, Im not just calling them trying to squeeze a discount on a trip i may plan.

Also what resort do you think I will get the best deal for?

Can this be done? Have you done it before? Any tips?

Thank You!!!


Welcome to DC. Upgrades are usually just “the luck of the draw”. I’ve had times when we’ve requested a particular resort area, etc. and not got it and I’ve had times when we’ve been upgraded without even asking. If you want to call and request a certain room, etc. it will be noted on your reservation, but won’t be guaranteed. You can certainly ask about an upgrade when checking in - but whether you get one or not is up to the fates.


Call central res and ask what the cost to upgrafde to Animal Kingdom would be (cheapest of the Delux resorts) tell them you decided to “splurge”. They might give you a discount on actual rate. If it is too high tell them thats a bit too much how about POFQ instead. You might get a really good price!!!