Resorts at New Years


Were staying at WDW for New Years and are still making plans for New years eve, the park situations are worrying us (crowd levels!) but someone did mention about staying at your resort for New Years eve. Does anyone know, or is there a way of finding out if the resort (AKL) does anything special for New Years eve? or would it be like a regular non-eventuful night in the hotel?


Good question on the resorts. I actually have no clue. I do know that the Magic Kingdom will fill up. From what I hear that park reaches full capacity by mid-afternoon. I am also aware that in the past few years Epcot has never reached full capactity and has not turned away guests entering the park. I have never done Disney for New Years. My parents have done it for about the past three years and they always go to Epcot. They say it is wall to wall people, long lines for beer and restrooms… But, they have never had a problem getting in at any hour. I decided to press my luck this year and a whole bunch of us are staying at Pop Century and we are going to ring in the New Year at Epcot!!! Hopefully someone will know the answer to the resort question.


I’ve always done new Year’s Eve in the parks. This year I am doing Epcot again,staying at PC. Maybe I’ll see you there,Requiem!!!


Never done the parks at xmas or new year ( …yet…but I will …one day…:whistling ) But I have heard to steer clear of MK. Either that or get there early and prepare yourself for the entire day there. I assume it gets mega full like it does on July4th. We did a July4th at MK one year and the park closed it gates at 12 noon and when the fireworks were about to start they roped you in whatever ‘land’ you happened to be standing in at the time. You could not move. I think I would be wary of MGM too.
Epcot, I hear on the grapevine, is very different and never reaches full capacity. So the decision is yours really.
I do think however, that staying in the resort would be quite fun too. I am sure each individual resort lays on it’s own magic for it’s guests?


in new years our family stay in the contemporary resort is in the magic kingdom resort.:mickey:


I don’t think MK will be an option, the crowds just sound way to scary for me, I don’t think we’d enjoy it as much if it was wall to wall people! Epcot sounds more promising if there a chance of a little more room to move but Im eager to know if the resorts do anything. It sounds like not many people stay in their resort at New Year?


We have stayed at WDW over New Years Eve and the fireworks in the MK are absolutely fantastic----plus the characters sing at midnight. We waited for hours and hours to hold a spot atop the train station for the fireworks but it was worth it.

Let me just warn you though. We were not prepared for the cold snap that hit Florida while we were there. The weather channel website had predicted 70’s during the day so we took light jackets and hat a gloves for night time, but the day time temps dropped to the 40’s while there. We had to purchase more sweatshirts for us and ended up wearing two shirts, two sweatshirts, tights we bought, pants, hats and gloves. People were trying to steal our hats off our heads because on NYE, the temp at midnight was 29 degrees!!! The canals started freezing over and they covered the topiaries up. LOL I know this was extreme, but honestly if we ever go again at that time of year, we will go to the trouble of dragging our down jackets, long johns etc along with us!!! (It was all worth it though!!!):mickey:


Smallworld I never even considered the weather changing so dramatically, I keep thinking that just because its florida it will always be warm like it has been in the previous trips (always in OCT) we have taken! If we do venture into the parks that day Im sure we will be filling a locker with all the essentials ‘just in case’ lol!


Here’s the mantra:From October to April,bring at least 2 cold-weather outfits for each member in your party,because you’ll never know what the top and low temp will be each day. Granted,it won’t be 29 degrees in October,but it might get to low 60s/high 50s.


ANDDDDDDDD the thing to remember is ----no matter rain, heat, cold, and uh yes they have had snow—it is STILL WDW—no matter what. Weather can’t keep me away. Going in a couple of weeks heat, humidity and all


I was at Epcot on New Year’s Eve. It was wall to wall people. They celebrate the new year in each country when the respective country is celebrating it ‘back home.’ So it gets crazy!

Stay at your hotel if possible. We made our way back to ours (Disney Dolphin) and were able to watch the fireworks there. Even if the hotel doesn’t have much planned you still might be better off.


We will be at WDW during New Years and plan on staying in Epcot on New Years Eve. It should be a blast!


Campbell87—if you want to make extra money, take a couple extra pairs of hats and gloves in case the weather turns really cold. People were trying to buy ours all day long. If we had brought extra pairs we could have made a fortune on New Years Eve!!! LOL


I made the mistake of spending New Years once in the Magic Kingdom, notice I said ONCE! Cause I would never do it again. At the time we were staying at Coronado Springs and as far as I remember there was NOTHING special going on at that resort. I guess the only way to find out, once it gets closer is to call the desk at AKL and ask. AKL, which is my favorite BTW, seems to be a lot more (inter)active resort. I am sure they must have something.


It’s my dream to spend New Years at the Boardwalk or Yacht/Beach Club one year. I think that would be amazing! :wub: I just want to sit on my balcony and watch some fireworks or something. Maybe sip a cocktail…a HOT one, from the sounds of it! :laugh:


I wonder if DtD is gonna do anything special…that would help offset some of the crowds…

Does the Boardwalk do anything?? I know you can see Epcot(??) fireworks…


Last year we spent New Years’s Eve in MGM and my kids loved it and they were 7 & 9. Yes, it was crowded, but we expected it to be. I chose MGM thinking it would probably be the least crowded of all of the parks and it was still packed. We had so much fun dancing in the street all night, it was an experience we all won’t forget. I say if you are up for venturing out to a park do it.


I agree 100%. Last year we celebrated NE at the Boardwalk. What a great time. We had an early dinner in Epcot than spent the rest of the night at BW.



I plan on spending New Years at the Boardwalk Villa. However, just in case the little ones are too tired, I would like to be able to see the fireworks at either epcot or mgm from my room. Has anyone done that? Which room should I request? Thanks


We had the pool view. It was a great spot for the fireworks. Any room with pool view would be great. I want to say we were in the 5400’s, diffenitly want a balcony if available.