Resorts with Beach


Is there any resort within Disney that has a beach that you can swim in the water? :huh: :huh: :huh:


I know for sure that they didn’t allow swimming in the Seven Seas Lagoon when we were there last August at the Grand Floridian and we also couldn’t swim at the Beach Club either. To the best of my knowledge, none of the beaches at the resorts allow swimming anymore. :sad:


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I wouldn’t swim off any Florida beach. They have critters that eat people.

Seriously? I know they do not encourage beach swimming. They, in fact discourage it.


Nope. Don’t think so.


You’re not allowed to swim in any of the lagoons/lakes. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to anyways.


The Yacht and Beach club have a beach like pool w/sandy bottom.


I know they let the kids splash around at the edge of the water at the Wilderness Lodge, and play in the sand.
But no swimming in the lakes/beaches anywhere in WDW.


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Everyone is right, no swimming in the lakes at WDW.


WDW is in Florida. Florida has Gators. Gators eat people.

I’ll stick to the pool.


Just wanted to say WELCOME to DC mrmath!!!


:eek: Gators! There’s gators in Florida???


I was once told by a WDW Boat Capatain that the Lakes at the WDW Resort contained a “Flesh Eating Bacteria” and it was unadvisable to swim in them for extended period of time…which I suppose why waterskiing and tubing is allowed, but swimming…is not.
My advice…saty far away from the flesh eating bacteria.


Welcome to DC!! Hope that you’re not disappointed about not swimming in the lakes, but getting eaten by alligators put such a damper on your vacation.


Welcome to DC!! As a Florida native, I can assure you that you don’t want to be swimmin’ in our lakes! They’re gross!



Thanks for all the info :wub: This web site is pretty cool. Everyone is so helpful. :wub:


Yes, I was told that too.

What a choice - would you prefer to be eaten by an alligator or by the flesh-eating disease, hmmm? :noo:


Flesh eating bacteria??? :blow: I’m surprised its safe for tubing and waterskiing. A former cast member told me that was one of the main reasons for shutting down River Country.