I know we have done this before but…
Thoughts on the different hotels/resorts you have stayed at over the years.


Pop Century: first resort I stayed at. Very busy environment especially with kids. But it was very clean and colorful there were areas that adults could enjoy and I loved the food court and the gift shop. Check in and the buses in the summer were a nightmare due to the wait times. Although I have joined Dvc, I still like Pop and would stay there again


POFQ is our go to…we have stayed at Pop and although I love the resort, the bus schedule was not worth the savings in money if you ask me. We never wait for buses long at FQ—it’s such a small resort which is what we like. I have lost track of how many times we have stayed at FQ…


hmmm- lets see…
I have stayed at All Star Sports. Resort was overall like other Disney resorts, clean, well themed. My sons LOVED it. Lots of kids and activities, but I did feel a little herded when it cam to the buses.

Coronado Springs- really liked it, but it was quiet compared to ALL Star Sports… Beautiful setting. Long bus stops, and can be a long walk- but still beautiful.
POFQ- My favorite… Mostly because I love the architecture, the size and the bus schedule- it is always fast. loved riding the boat to DTD as well…
POR- Loved it too- but it was much larger… more bus stops, etc.
Caribbean Beach- only stayed here once for one night- but it was nice…

Dream resorts-
Contemporary- I loved it…Walk to MK- very comfortable even though it could be cold.
Polynesian- probably my favorite due to the tropical decor, ease of getting around, monorail. etc…

Vacation Club-
Old Key West- I was expecting it to be more run down looking, but we loved it… Very low key, and relaxing. Here, I almost didn’t feel like I was at Walt Disney World…

Saratoga Springs- very nice and we had a very new room. Loved the layout-but it was a very spread out hotel. Long walk to the food court/gift shop…

In other words- none were bad, and if I could stay in any one of them, I would go in a minute… although my dream might be the GF or GF DVC… (I would probably love Animal Kingdom too- if it was not so far away from everything).


All Star Music: very kid friendly but what I loved about this was the area all jazz. The landscaping and design of it made me feel like I was somewhere like New Orleans. Plus I love the food courts at the values the best. More variety.
All Star Movies: when I stayed there it was clearly in need of a refurbishment. The housekeeping staff were totally missing in action.
As with all the values the wait and lines for the park busses are brutal.


We have stayed at a few resorts, both DVC and non-DVC.

Caribbean Beach-loved the atmosphere. The resort is huge and the number of bus stops makes the ride seem longer.

Wilderness Lodge-love it! The atmosphere is relaxing and it makes me slow down a little while we’re rushing around. It feels small and quiet.

Pop Century-huge and noisy. For us Pop is usually a one night stop before checking in to another resort. It’s a good value if you’re looking for a place to shower and sleep. I don’t enjoy the long lines and crowded buses.

Boardwalk-great location. The hotel is very nice and we had a nice room but didn’t feel a warm welcome when we checked in or when we came and went during our stay. I would book a stay again just based on location.

Port Orleans Riverside- thought I would love it but it was ended up just liking it. It’s big and spread out but the grounds are beautiful so I enjoyed the walk to the food court. If I was looking for a moderate I would stay here again.

Port Orleans French Quarter-I expected to not like this resort based on pictures I had seen but ended up loving it. The size is a bonus for me since it’s smaller and more compact than other moderates. This would be mt first choice in moderates.

Saratoga Springs- the resort is nice but too big to be high on my list. The first time we stayed there I was thrilled with it just because of the size. The second time we had an excellent room location and ended up enjoying or stay very much. We were right next to the Paddock pool so we were steps from a bus stop and a counter service restaurant. That made all the difference. We were the only people on the bus several times.

Bay Lake Tower-loved the location. The theme isnt my taste but we enjoyed our stay.

Shades of Green-huge rooms and a beautiful resort. It doesn’t have all the Disney touches but it’s a great resort. We used their transportation and walked to the poly to use the Disney transportation depending on what we were doing.

Beach Club-our favorite. We love the location and we feel at home the moment we pull up. The staff is friendly and someone always seems to go out of their way to talk to us when we pass through the lobby. We also enjoy spending time at the pool.


We’ve stayed at quite a few-

Caribbean Beach- nice resort, love the theming. Don’t like how spread out it is and how many bus stops there are. Loved the counter service options for food and pool area.

POFQ- my favorite moderate resort. The size does it for me. And that you can take a boat to dtd.

Wilderness lodge- one of my favorite deluxe resorts. The overall feel of this resort is great. It’s like I’m at Disney world but not in Florida. They did such an amazing job with this resort. I also love that you can take the boat to mk.

Animal kingdom lodge- I love the theming of this resort but don’t like how far it is from most of the world.

Polynesian- I liked this resort a lot and loved that it was in the monorail loop. The pool is also amazing.

Old key west- I don’t like how large the resort is, but it’s still a favorite. Such a low key atmosphere. And the rooms are HUGE!

Saratoga springs- once again, the resort is too large for my liking. The theming also seems a bit boring to me. But the rooms are nice and so is the resort.


Oh yes- I forgot Wilderness Lodge. Loved that one too…

But, when I am planning- I always think that a hotel is going to be too big, etc… When I get there I rarely think about that… (I did request a close to the bus stop and a group floor unit at Saratoga Springs and got a very very close spot to the bus…)

Really- I worry about where the bus is at night when I am walking from the park to the bus stop- there I am ready for it to be close…


As far as favorites:

Value: None. Sorry people, my personality but way too busy, crowded, loud, crowded buses. Just not my cup of tea. Although, if I had to choose one, it would be Pop Century seeing they only have one bus stop, and seemed a tad less loud.

Moderate: Port Orleans French Quarter. Perfect size, the bus schedule is awesome, the boat to DTD and very relaxing walking around at night.

Deluxe: Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House. My home away from home. Absolutely love the smells and sounds when walking into the lobby, putting you into a whole new world. The Cast Members are phenomenal, the artwork is relaxing…hey the entire resort is relaxing. Awesome pool, best quick service around and doesn’t hurt to have access to Boma and Jiko under your roof. And, love that its far away. After the busyness of the parks, I like that you are off the beaten path. And, no it doesn’t take that long to get there as its a straight shot, unlike many other resorts that share buses or have 6 bus stops at one resort.

I’ve stayed at pretty much all the other resorts, and each one has a great highlight which is why we do split stays many times, but we always end up at AKL Jambo to end the vacation right. I do have to give a shout out to the Grand Floridian Villas. Was able to stay there two nights, and oh my word is it beautiful! Definitely my second favorite DVC resort, but also very hard to get in because of its popularity.


Kidani Vilage (AKL) was the first DVC resort I stayed at once we joined. Loved it. I love the music on the bus and in the resort. I loved the decor and size, and it was so close by foot to Jambo house. It was quiet and still had great amenities. Now when I stayed there I was disappointed there was no food court. Sanaa is there, not sure if a food court has opened. No lines for buses and it is onlying two stops kidani and jambo and then you are on your way.


I’ve stayed at all but Grand Floridian, Saratoga Springs, Bay Lake Tower, and World of Animation.
Well, technically I’ve only stayed at one DVC and that was OKW, but the rest are basically attached wings of existing deluxe resorts excepting SSR which is free standing and BLT which is separated enough from the Contemporary’s main tower that it’s essentially on its own (but not really).

My favorites in descending order are Contemporary Tower MK view, Contemporary Tower Lake View, Wilderness Lodge, AKL (Jambo House), Coronado Springs, POFQ.
Although in an effort to cut costs we often stay at Pop Century because it is only one bus stop compared to the All Stars.


We have stayed at many of the resorts over the years. We tend to go to the mods or deluxe now.

Economy: ASM and sports are OK. We found them to be very noisy. Liked the decor of music the best.

Mods: Love POFQ. It was our first (honeymoon) but it is small and quaint. Riverside (it is still Dixie’s Landing to us) is too spread out for us. The same for CBR. Nice setting, but if I have to take a bus within a resort, just to big

Deluxe: None that we do not like, but our favorites in order are BC, GF, AKL, Contemp, Poly, YC, BW.

All resorts are well themed, but for us it comes down to location, location, location.


Old Key West. Stayed there for the first time this summer, had a two bedroom unit. It was very spacious and relaxing. If you are traveling with someone who has mobility issues then you should request accommodations on the first floor because there are no elavators. Has a homey kind of feel and does need some tlc, but I would stay there again.


Places I’ve stayed:

Boardwalk Inn --I love the location and the décor/atmosphere. The location is PHENOMENAL, and I like the launches, though you are within walking distance of Epcot and HS. Being on the Boardwalk with all the restaurants and entertainment is very nice too. The negative for me was the lack of QS – Boardwalk Bakery is your only choice without going over to Yacht and Beach Club.

Wilderness Lodge – My home away from home. I love the theming,especially the magnificent lobby. The boat to MK is a good option for me too. WCC is a big plus, and I like that the resort, while being in the bubble, somehow seems removed and more relaxed than the other resorts.

Contemporary Resort – I stayed in the Tower with the MK View. This was a peak experience for me; nothing like waking up and looking at the Castle, and watching Wishes from the comfort of my balcony. Walking back from a crowded MK is also a big plus, and I always felt like I was smack dab in the middle of the magic. The lack of a theme did not detract from the experience IMHO. Given the opportunity(in other words, the CASH), I would stay again in a heartbeat.

POFQ – I really liked this moderate. The theme is well-executed, and the smallness of the resort a plus. I liked having access to the amenities at POR too, and enjoyed the bus service.


We have a new favorite, which is WLV, followed by our home resort of BWV.

But I don’t care for the All-Stars or Pop. Haven’t seen the new values, but I figure they are similar.

I do wish BWV had a restaurant for breakfast. I wouldn’t trade our home resort for the world, but a nice plate of scrambled eggs around 8 a.m. would be terrific!



I do wish BWV had a restaurant for breakfast. I wouldn’t trade our home resort for the world, but a nice plate of scrambled eggs around 8 a.m. would be terrific![/QUOTE]

That’s the main reason DH doesn’t like to stay at BWV. Lack of food options that are closer than a mile hike.


I did not know that. Thanks for that tidbit. I wanted to stay there but little ones like breakfast so I would have to cook something everyday. I like a food court or restaurant option.


Love CSR! Love the main pool are, the non shared transportation, the short trips to all the parks, and the business class section with access to the lounge.


POR - Bayou was our first resort, we stayed there a few times and loved it
POFQ - 1 time and that was enough for us
CBR - 1 time.
Going back to POR until I can afford deluxe stays :wink:


[QUOTE=Dopey;1919095257]POR - Bayou was our first resort, we stayed there a few times and loved it
POFQ - 1 time and that was enough for us
CBR - 1 time.
Going back to POR until I can afford deluxe stays ;)[/QUOTE]

You did not like POFQ??? We love it. It is small and quaint… That is why we love it, but to each their own.