Responsibile grownup vs kid


I was just playing around online and priced a trip staying to POFQ… with free dining for our dates we would save over $600.00 if we switched from AKL to one of the moderates… that would pay for extras like MNSSHP and travel money… we really want to stay at akl and it is our anniversary our 30th which is a biggie right and we deserve this just once … we have never stayed at a deluxe… the grownup which worries about money and the kid that wants this is just having this argument in my head. DH is thrilled with akl but he would be just as happy at POR… we are ok with paying this off but we do have to tighten some things to do it.Im having a hard time justifying paying this much on this trip when i know we could do it cheaper… thanks for letting me vent…


IMO I think I would down grade the hotel accomadations, this way Iyouwouldn’t have to worry about spending money…You could do all the things you would like to do and not be in debt when you get home (or not as much in debt). I’ve never stay in POFQ, but a lot of people on here seem to really like it there. We stayed at AKL last year with a savannah view. I won’t lie to you, the hotel was very nice and looking out on the savannah with the animals was great, but we spent more time going to the parks and having meals at other hotels then we did there, if I had to pay out of pocket for it I would have been disappointed because we really didn’t use the facilities all that much.(We used DVC points). So I guess the question is the same old one…how much time do you spend at your resort? If you spend a lot of time there, go for it, if not use the money elsewhere. Either way, you will be spending your time with the person you spent most of your life with creating new and wonderful memories…Congrat’s on 30 years together and happy anniversary hope you have a great trip.


Congrats on your 30 years together, and with that in mind I think you should treat yourselves and stay with AKL. I know the price is higher but a 30 year anniversary needs acknowledging in a special way. Yes POFQ is lovely, but its not in the same league as AKL. (Thats how I’d justify the extra expense anyway) whatever you do- enjoy.


I’m going to beat the others to it… have you considered renting points?

I’ve found that has the most rent/trade offers (I think most of the buzzers use their points every year… there aren’t many rent/trade posts on MB). If you know what time you want to go, then you can go ahead and rent points through a DVC owner online. You can also usually save money by renting a reservation. Sometimes, owners will go ahead and make a reservation, but then it turns out they can’t go. You can usually get reservations for less than you can renting points, but you have less options with the reservation.

Also, there are websites that buy points from owners and then rent them out to others. Try It’s $13/point, but since they buy from 100s of owners, they have more flexibility with the amount of points and where you stay.

I’d suggest checking out the MouseOwners boards first, though, to see if you can get what you want. You might actually be able to get the reservation for less than POFQ! :happy:


It’s your 30th. Treat this trip special. Stick with AKL.


Little Miss Magic has your answer! Rent Points. You can get a great deal on AKL Villas with DVCRentalStore. They are $12 a point.

I know I sound like I own the biz, but I am not affiliated.! Seriously. The guy Paul has been phenomenal this year for us and I can not recommend him higher. I priced Bay Lake Tower, Park Hopper Tickets, and Deluxe Dining for 8 days/7 nights right at $6k straight from Disney. We ended up renting points, buying our tickets from Undercover Tourist, and getting Deluxe Dining for right at $3900. That is over 2k in savings!!! We saved so much are are going down one afternoon early and rented another villa at the Boardwalk Villas as a last minute deal off of Travelocity.

Seriously, stay at AKL and rent points, you will NOT be sorry. The only negative I can determine so far is you don’t get housekeeping, but I think I am going to pay for it while down there.

Good luck, and congrats on your anniversary!


great idea about renting point unfortunately our trip is book and almost paid for … i will save that for next time we go… I think i am going to take the advice and let it ride… DH is happy with it… I am the worrier in our family about money well just about everything, he says worrying is my hobbie. lol .But 30th is a milestone so we should do something befitting it. … thanks all. :laugh:


AKL. Memories you’ll have forever. Cash comes and goes.


AKL - truly can feel like a once in a life time event…kinda like a BIG anniversary!

Congrats and enjoy!


[QUOTE=mmforme2009;1079636]AKL - truly can feel like a once in a life time event…kinda like a BIG anniversary!

Congrats and enjoy![/QUOTE]

you guys are so right thanks for calming the chronic worrier in me…


AKL; what an AWESOME way to spend your anniversay…I’d go ahead and splurge and enjoy the accomodations.


thanks … what kind of dog is you puppy… he is adorable.


just wanted to say happy anniversary…as far as the options I have not opinion on it I am usually in your shoes in the same type of situation.


I agree completely. If you can make it work, go for AKL.


What kind of room type do you have at AKL? If you have a savannah you down grade to a pool view and save some money that way and still experience staying there!


Cheaper isn’t worse I am finding out. I just how to downgrade my trip from a mod to a value. Stop the arguement in your head and do the right thing and just switch and save the money. Do something you would never do (fireworks cruise!) for your 30th anniversary and bank the rest.


AKL is amazing and worth going to at least once.


30th anniversary? AKL!!!


Another vote for AKL! You will love the resort and 30 years of marriage in this day and age is worth the splurge!!! If you decide to stay with the mod, I’d be afraid of second-guessing yourself and wondering what it would have been like AFTER the trip, when it’s too late. Like the Nike ads, just do it! You’ll figure out how to make up for that $600 another way, another time. Celebrate now, life’s too short! :happy:


Thanks…she’s a cockapoo (her name is Koda).

I can’t wait to hear what you think of AKL.