Ressies for fireworks?


I will be making reservations soon for our upcoming trip in August and would like your opinions on the best time to get a ressie for dinner and be able to view the fireworks at dinners end. We will be eating at `Ohana (Poly), Chef Mickey’s (Contemp) and Cape May Cafe (BC). We will also be eating at Whispering Canyon (WL), but I don’t think you can view the fireworks from here, can you? These are all new places for us and I am really looking forward to it! I just thought that the fireworks would be nice after dinner entertainment!

While I’m at it, I might as well ask the best place to watch the fireworks from at these locations as well. Thanks in advance for all of your helpful advice! :biggrin:



Well, I think that except for Ohana, you will need to leave those restaurants to see the fireworks. Ohana has some fireworks view tables in the window overlooking the lagoon, I believe.

From the other paces, you will need to leave the resort and head at least outside, and probably even better to just head over to the parks. From Cape May Cafe, you will have a very easy time of it because you can walk into the World Showcase through the International Gateway right next to the Beach Club. Plan on about 20-30 minutes to get to a really nice viewing spot after dinner. One of my sentimental faves is on the bridge by France, and another on the big balcony at Japan. Both are easy to get to from Beach Club.


Oh, I guess i didn’t state that correctly. I do expect to have to leave the restaurant to see the fireworks, but was hoping to not have to head back to the park to see the show. I was wondering if there is a good place ont he resorts grounds to view the fireworks from. Also doesn’t the electric parade go by one of those hotels as well? Maybe I can make ressies, see the fireworks and the electric parade??? Too much to ask for? :blink:

But what time should i make the ressie for to make all of that happen?


The Contemporary has a public access observation deck at the north end of the concourse under the monorail beams where you can get a semi obstructed view of MK fireworks. If you dine at Chef Mickey’s this is where you’re going, unless you go to the first floor and watch from in front of the hotel on the ground. There is no place outside of Epcot that I would recommend watching Illuminations from. A good chunk of the show is the video globe without fireworks, so you’re not going to see this outside the park, ever. The Poly’s beach is a very good place to watch MK fireworks from. Illuminations is nightly at 9 PM without variation. Timing is a little harder for MK fireworks. Wishes can be at 8, 9, or 10 depending on the night and time of year. Also, if there is a hard ticket special event in the MK, fireworks will be at either 9:30 for most events or sometimes 9:45 for the Pirate and Princess Parties. Park schedules are up 6 months in advance, which works because you can’t make reservations farther than 180 days in advance.


When we watch the fireworks from O’hana’s, we always make the reservations a half hour before the fireworks. But we like to watch them from inside while we eat, they play the music there and everything.


Of course jenbarnewell will recall that during Caveyfest last year, while we were all seated for dinner in 'Ohana, I excused myself and headed outside to watch and hear the fireworks. Sure, I was taping, but I still would have gone outside if I hadn’t. I kind of wish a few of you had followed me outside.
Of course we expect this kind of behavior from me. After all, I am a fireworks junkie and can never get enough