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We will be going back to WDW in October 2005 and my sister wants us to pick out some places to eat and I was just wondering if anybody knew some good places to eat @ WDW and where I would go to get a listing of menus?

Thanks, DonaldsChick

Caribbean Beach Resort March 2003

Port Orleans Riverside Feb. 2004

Wilderness Lodge October 2005


There are sooooo many, that without narrowing down what kind of food you like, you are likely to get a wide list of reponses here!
You can view menus for all WDW restaurants at .


We all have our extreme likes & dislikes here. Great idea to go to allears…although every time I do I get hungry just reading about the food. It might help us to steer you in the right direction, though, if you tell us how many will be in your party, if there are any kids involved & their ages, do you want to do character or adult, etc.

Have fun! I always love planning our meals. I diet (almost) the whole time we’re at home just so I can pig out at WDW!!! :wink:


Yeah some details are always good. In addition to the questions that ilvminnie mentioned which parks do you want to dine at, what kind of food do you like, and would you say you’re open to trying new kinds of food?


I agree with the others so far…there really are soooooo many great places to choose from.
One of my absolute favorites is Ohanas at the Polynesian. Evening meal is endless portions of meats and fish from skewers which has all been flame grilled over a huge firepit within the restaurant itself. The banana and pineapple bread is to die for :happy: Breakfast here is great too but brekkie is a character meal whereas evening meal isn’t.
DH and I also love the Garden Grill at Epcot. This is also a charcter meal.
I have recently been on a thread that was about Fultons in Downtown and I have been swayed into going here on my next vacation after all the great reports about it, so thats another for you to tick.
Allears is a FANTASTIC site for more info so go on that and start planning your menu!!! :biggrin: …im going now, this has made me hungry :whistling


I really enjoy the Chinese restaurant in Epcot…I think it was called 9 dragons…Very Good Food!!


:blink: We will have about 12 in our party. We will have four childern with us and 8 adults. The childern are at the ages of 5,3,and probably 6 months. My sister is pregnant right now. So, I think my niece or nephew will be about 6 months. But, anyway. I have been to Ohana’s I loved it. I was wanting to try something different. I love character meals. Do you have any suggestions on the character meals. We have been to Crystal Palace. Cinderalla’s breakfast in the palace. I was wondering how chef mickey’s or Mickey’s backyard barbeque is? :pirate:

Thanks, Donald’s Chick

Caribbean Beach March 2003

Port Orleans Riverside Feb. 2004

Wilderness Lodge October 2005


[QUOTE=donaldschick I was wondering how chef mickey’s or Mickey’s backyard barbeque is? :pirate:

Thanks, Donald’s Chick

We’ve been to both & love both. The Backyard BarBQue is especially good if you’re a fan of country music & line dancing. Everyone gets to get out there I line dance & they even have someone there to teach you how if you don’t already know. Good food…cookout style. Hot dogs, chicken, corn on the cob, etc. Chef Mickey’s is fun, too. Good food & FANTASTIC dessert bar. The kids can probably burn off more energy at the barbque.


for a list of menus, check out it helped me out when i wanted to know what we’ll be having at CRT for breakfast. as far as what restaurants to go to, i love going to Crystal Palace anytime (breakfast, lunch or dinner), i enjoyed Hollywood & Vine a lot, especially the dessert, Beaches and Creme for Ice Cream, Cape May Cafe, California Grille, and Chef Mickey’s off the top of my head. i hope this helps.


There are also some great restaurant reviews right here at DC. Just click the link on the DC home page. One thing we at DC are good at is giving our opinions and reviews!!!