Restaurant discount questions


Hello! I am wondering which restaurants give discounts to dvc members, are there limitations to where, when, and do you give your member card to servers before or after meals? Thank you! I know this info. is in my information somewhere but it is escaping me as to it’s exact location.


HI, I just asked the same question for DL. I was told by Disney Member servies to log into the Disney DVC site and click on “Perks” There you will find a listing of restaurants and shops that offer a discount.


I like these pocket guides:

The Mouse For Less Pocket Guides • Walt Disney World


Thank you!


Disney isn’t much on discounts. Busch Gardens gives 10% off everything with just an annual pass - merchandise, counter service food, even cart (drink/snack) vendors in the park.

The DVC member discount is pretty sad considering how much you spend in membership and how much more time most DVC members spend on site. It’s generally only the sit down dining and then only at times when people aren’t normally going to be someplace. For example, at the Poly, it’s good for dinner but not breakfast. And the discounts aren’t that good only 10%. The Disney Dining Experience card is MUCH better (20%) but it’s good more places and more times. Of course you pay EXTRA for it. :frown: I usually buy the DDE and find it pays for itself pretty quickly. (DVC members DO get DDE card at discount - at least we USED to.)

I’ve found that some of the other “perks” were just as good using an AAA card. We did Keys to Kingdom Tour and AAA members go the same discount.