Restaurant Favs?


I am trying to decide on where to have my birthday dinner in January. As I have only eaten at Akershus for breakfast, I am relying on your tastebuds and experiences for the decision. In attendence will be me, my hubby, and my 6yo daughter(picky). I am asking for your a list of your 3 fav places to go for dinner. I am ok with character dining or not.

P.S. Be our guest is unavailable


If I were choosing from places I’ve been, I’d have my birthday dinner at Artist Point.

But I really, really want to try Flying Fish- I think that would be my choice!


Boma is my choice. Then an evening stroll with the animals.


with a 6 year old in tow, I would chose the new place at the New Fantasyland “Be our Guest”, if you can get a reservation.

My personal favorite is always the Flying Fish.

But 1900 Park Fare with the characters might be something to think about as well…


On our last trip we tried T-Rex and was pleasantly surprised.The food was awesome.We had our 7 year old grandaughter and my 8 year old nephew and they told me it was their favorite place to eat during our whole trip and they are both picky eaters.


Boma! it’s a must do every trip for us!


I second Boma!


Do you mean a stroll with Todd?:laugh:


For us it is a toss up between 'Ohana and Boma, with a slight edge to 'Ohana.


My favorite three for dinner are:

Mama Melrose


You can’t go wrong with 'Ohana or Boma. Both are favs of ours. We are trying Sanaa on this upcoming trip. The menu appears to be a bit more exotic than Boma.


My three favourites would be:

Flying Fish


I would choose Hoop De Doo because it is fun and they recognize your birthday!


Ok tally so far…
# of Votes
Boma is in the lead with 6

Ohana 3

Flying Fish 3
The rest on the list have just recieved 1 vote
1900 Park
Mama Melrose
Hoop de Doo

If anyone else has an opinion for an awesome bday experience please vote now. I have to decide soon and am relying on your tastebuds and experiences.

Thank you


What type of food do you like and what kind of celebration do you want? I wouldn’t recommend Whispering Canyon now, with the new menu changes, but a couple of years ago I celebrated my bday there and the entire restaurant stood up and sang me happy birthday. It was awesome. Hoop Dee Doo would be a similar experience. Boma and 'Ohana will be more subdued experiences.


1- Bistro de Paris (French Pavillion, WS. Under referb and word is that they are going to retheme it when it opens. If so BOOOOOO, bad Disney!)
2- Artist Point (WL)
3- Narcoossee’s (GF)
4- Big River Grille and Brewing Works (BW. Good food, great beer, relaxed atmosphere, have always been able to get a walk up table within 30 minutes)


My three favorite places for a nice celebration would be, in this order!:

Hollywood Brown Derby
California Grill


Le Cellier
Raglan Road


I have a different idea for you.This time you must have to go to beach and arrange a Bar B Q party with friends and family.Make the birthday food and later eat will be a different experience for you people.So spend this birthday on a beach as a beach birthday party .


Just leave the restaurants now and move to a beach.This birthday party would be on beach and you will never forget this ever and it would be memorable for the rest of your life.It would not be expansive but it will be really entertaining.