Restaurant Ideas for Downtown Disney


Can you all give me some advice on what restaurant to visit our first night at Disney - we will fly in to Sanford at 4pm -ish and will go to hotel, checkin, etc. and head over to Downtown Disney.

We are traveling with 6 year old, don’t want to do Rainforest Cafe. . . suggestions?


The only places we have eaten at at DTD is Rainforest, Planet Hollywood and Earl of Sandwich. Planet was loud and crowed. Earl even though it’s counter service was very good and would go back again.


I would highly recommend Earl too! Lots of choices. Wolfgang Puck’s place has also had some very good reviews. I always check the menus on allears to help me decide where to eat.


I see you said no Rainforest Cafe, but what about the new T-Rex Cafe?


Earl of Sandwich is a great option!! Though I haven’t tried it, Wolfgang Puck’s is a popular choice too. :slight_smile:


We have been to Wolf gang pucks cafe and express and loved them both. I would recomend any of them.


Earl of Sandwich:wub: Wolfgang Puck Express is very good too. In fact, they’re right across from each other, so if something doesn’t appeal to one of your party at one, you can go to the other.

Are you staying on-site?


If you want something lite, would vote for EoS. Never a big fan of WGP. If you want a sit-down meal, we love Portobello Yacht Club (Italian food). They recently changed the menu, and have not been there since it changed, but have always loved it there.


I would try the T rex place . We ate at Wolf gangs and didn’t like it at all. I like the rainforest too. Hollywood is good as well.


It really depends on what kind of food you want.

If you want quick food then Earl of Sandwich

If you want to sit down and have a meal try Wolfgang Puck Cafe or House of Blues…We loved both…Wolfgang Puck was one of the best sit down meals we’ve ever had at Disney!! And House of Blues (which is not on the dining plan if you have that) has Sweet Potato Fries which you can’t find in alot of places!!

Good luck with your decision!


We are staying onsite, so if you have any other suggestions to do that evening or place to eat that evening, let me know! We don’t head into the parks until the next day.



I was thinking the same exact thing. I heard that the T-Rex is much better than the Rainforest Cafe and that it’s great for kids. You can build your own dinasour :D! I would also recomend the restaurant in the boat. Can’t remember the name but it’s amazing!

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