Restaurant Ideas for table services


Ok here is the lineup me,dw and the two dd. I have 7 but most likely 9 table service credits to play with. and suggests please help. we will be there Oct. 23-30 and if I can get it arranged it will end up being the 21st-30th.
I have thought about these so far. any input is greatly welcomed, aslo one night we will be doing the Mnsshp.

1.Disney’s spirit of Aloha show (2 credits)
2.1900 Park fare (dinner)
3.Chef Mickey’s (breakfast)
4.Camp May cafe (dinner)
5.Crystal Palace (dinner)
6.Whispering canyon


We enjoy Teppan Edo and LeCellier for lunch now that it is a 2 credit for dinner!!


I love your choices! WCC and Chef Mickey’s are two of our family’s favorites.

Another place our family enjoys is Yak & Yeti at DAK. The food and the atmosphere are both awesome. Great for lunch.

Liberty Tree Tavern at MK is another favorite for us. I It would be a great place to eat just before MNSSHP.


we’ll be there at the same time as you!

our favorite’s (not on your list): Ohanna, Le Cellier (i’d say lunch since it’s 2 credits for dinner and you can still get the mushroom filet at lunch)

we also really liked Marakesh (my 7 year old is begging to go there again this trip) and Boma was good!

Haven’t been in 5 years, but Tony’s was good - may be a good choice on MNSSHP night.


OH I forgot about Ohana’s for a breakfast. I was trying for the most part places that we have not been to yet. An I did not know that Le Cellier for lunch was still only one credit. I appreciate all the suggestions.


Some of our favorites:
Kona cafe- A MUST DO!! Any meal.
Biergarten- ton of fun!
Hoop Dee Doo- We like this better than the luau, but the luau is good once for sure.
California Grill- our favorite 2 credit meal
Tusker House- we actually love this buffet whereas many don’t.


My family really enjoys Akershaus for breakfast (we also have 2 daughters) and California Grille. Good luck deciding! :happy:


Looks yummy! We like Sci-Fi, not as much for food (which is okay, not bad but not great) but for the atmosphere! The kids LOVE it! Also, in DHS is the Hollywood and Vine Play N Dine for lunch and breakfast. We’ve done the lunch twice. The characters are Manny, Oso, June and Leo. DS, age 4 of course LOVES it but so does DD age 10.



A no brainer for us being Canadian and all.
Get there for a lunch service I think they accerpt lunch rezzies until 2:00
so its not to bad.

Also we like Tony’s Portions are generous, and the service for us was Amazing.
Our server Claude was the best server in all our servers at the World.

Nice to get a view over looking the chaos that is the entrance to Main Street

We also really enjoyed Cape May Cafe for dinner.


We are going to Akershus for breakfast, if you have little princesses attending this is a must stop:pirate:


We really love 1900 Park Faire for breakfast and Olivia’s at Old Key West for dinner.Also Mama Melrose is a must do.


OHanna is really good and has a great view. We usually start our trip at this restaurant every year.