Restaurant MARRAKESH


In my attempt to try new places this trip - I am considering he restaurant in Morocco. Any recent experiences? Some items on the menu sounded a little like Spoodles and I liked my meal there.

Are there belly dancers? Food good? Would love your feedback! thanks


we LOVED marrakesh! my kids both really enjoyed it - my 4 year old is still showing off her belly dancing skills!

there was a belly dancer and musician (whatever kind they are, i can’t remember, sorry) - and they were in the middle of the floor. there are tables all around, and it seemed you’d have a decent view anywhere, but she invited kids to come up and dance with her…so cute!!

here is the link to my (unfinished, sorry) trip report with our food pics! post 44


Ohhh…thank you so much! That was just the review I was hoping for! DD wasn’t too wild about it until I told her that Morocco was where Jasmine was from! Wait until I tell her about the belly dancing!

Is the sampler on the dining plan? That’s what I’d want to get to try different things. Wasn’t sure if it was on the plan since it looks like it included appetizers, which are no longer on the plan.

thanks again!!


As I think I’ve stated in another thread, I’ve never personally eaten there. However, my MIL and FIL have and loved it. My FIL especially LOVED the belly dancers! Now every time he’s in Epcot, he makes a special effort to see the belly dancers when they’re outside dancing with the band that plays in Morroco.


I’m so glad you posted this thread. My mom wanted to try this restaurant in August. I’m glad to see some nice reviews of it.


I’ve never had a bad meal there. I know there are some others here who have, but my experiences at Marrakesh have always been positive. I love their food, and their service is some of the best at WDW (at least it was when I was there).


when we went in september the sampler was on the DDP - i’d assume it still is.

i agree with Voldemort - wonderful service!!


we ate there some years ago and it was great so reading the updates and good reviews makes it another possible for this trip.


We are glad you posted this thread too. We’ve been thinking about trying Marrakesh for something different. We have never eaten there but have been wondering what the food and atmosphere is like. I think we might try it when we are there in October. For those that have been there, will the kids like the food or is it too “different”?


I like Marrakesh a lot but my husband does NOT like it at all, so it’s a mixed bag for us. I think last time we went we did that family style dinner where they basically give you a little taste of everything. I REALLY liked the lemon chicken and their couscous was SO good. The best part was trying all the yummy little Moroccan pastries they bring to your table. Daniel thought everything was kinda bland and unimpressive but I really liked it. The atmosphere is cool & the belly dancing shows are fun to watch!

I think we are going to try it again in October.


We’ve eaten there and it’s good. Give it a try!


Hey Cousin!!! Long time no see!

We’ve eaten there twice. The first time we enjoyed it. The second time, the food was too oily (not greasy, oily). They have regular American food for the kids.

Someone mentioned a similarity to Spoodles. Of course, there’s Mediterranean influences at both, but they are very different in taste.

All-in-all Lil’pocohantas and I probably won’t do Marrakesh again for a long time.


I like Marrakesh - it’s one restaurant where both my kids are happy cause the vegetarian one loves the couscous. I always have the salmon. The desserts are really good - and the mint tea is wonderful.


I second on the mint tea–which you can also purchase at TANGIERINE CAFE (counter service) in the Morocco pavilion for a quick treat.


Hi Cavey! Good to see you. We always try to encourage the kids to try something different, especially when eating at the different countries at Epcot (steer them away from chicken nuggets and french fries). There is always the “safer” selections on the kids menu if we had to do that.


:pirate: Excellent food and the finest service we’ve had in any restaurant. The kids love it too.