Restaurant Marrakesh


Has anyone had the Taste of Morocco - Royal Feast or the Taste of Morocco - Marrakesh Feast at epcot? and if so does it count as just one table service meal? also, is it really good or just ok?:confused:


I’m not sure if we had a special meal/taste, but we have eaten there. The opinions were mixed. I liked it; my wife - not so much.

It could have been the entertainment, though.


We have eaten there many many times—it’s usually our go to meal in Epcot. We can always walk in without a reservation for dinner.

We enjoy the food—it’s always been good. In fact I bought their cookbook one visit and have tried a couple of the recipes in it.

Because we never do the dining plans, I am not familiar with the points used etc…but I always recommend the restaurant.


Thank you. Good to know.


We’ve eaten several times. The food isn’t really adventurous - but I suppose they’ve sort of tamed it down for Disneyworld. I like it - but I wouldn’t go out of my way to HAVE to eat there again. The servers are some of the nicest of all the World Showcase and the mint tea is wonderful. Sorry - don’t know about the DDP points.


Waited a couple of years to try it, now we go every trip. It’s not super distinctive, but what other park in the country can you get this kind of cuisine. Front section is like a cafeteria and costs a quick service credit on DDP, and then the restaurant itself is a table service credit.


Oh—that’s new then—the restaurant in Morroco has never been a cafeteria style when we ate there. —or are you talking about the cafe to the front of the building itself? I’ve never been in there… I’ve only been in the Restaurant Marrekesh :happy:


Yes - I think that’s what he means. Tangierine Café is the counterservice that’s located right at the front of the Moroccan Pavillion.


That is what I meant, just couldn’t remember the name at the time I posted.


[QUOTE=Big Al;1137046]That is what I meant, just couldn’t remember the name at the time I posted.

…I am terrible with names!!! :laugh::laugh:


Better late than never post - I don’t recall Marrakesh requiring 2 TS - but not sure how the count the feast.

As for the food - we love it. Nothing too crazy, but you do get a nice idea of the Moroccan flavors. Our kids are adventurous eaters and will try almost anything. We all have our favorites and have tried most items on the menu.

The service is top notch - one of the best in all of WDW.

Tangerine Cafe is wonderful as well.