Restaurant recommendations


I am looking for any place to eat for a good mid-day meal at reasonable prices and service. Not looking for dining plan, although that would be nice. Thanks for any help


for an actual meal, not a quick burger w/ fries thing, i recommend Kona Cafe in the Poly, that’s my favorite… if you have kids and want something a little more entertaining as opposed to polynesian ambience, lol, i recommend the Rainforest Cafe, which is in AK and downtown disney. they have animated jungle animals and a “thunderstorm” every 20 min. :mickey:


Where are you going to be? Are you looking for 1 day or do want recommendations for a big trip? I have lots of good places I can recommend once I know where you want to go.


The Rose & Crown at the British Pavilion in Epcot is a great place for lunch. Ate here for lunch on our last trip and loved it. Highly recommend it.


the Grand Floridian Cafe is a nice break from an MK day…they have this amazing sandwhich was cheese or something all over it…heaven…and dave and i ate there for about $20, which is the same for a burger and fries in the park.


we will be there in january 2007 and staying at Pop Century


Wide open question there. You could ask for each park or resort area! :mickey:

For a quickie in MK, we like Cosmis Ray’s Cafe - the food is consistent (for fast food), the service is decent, nice selection, and the kids like the fixin’s bar. Downside is that it gets crowded and noisy.


Let’s see a couple of our favorites:
At MGM we love the 50s Prime Time Cafe
At EPCOT it’s the little Mexican cantena across from the Mexico Pyramid or the Food court in the Land Pavilion
At AK Rainforest is a nice change of pace
At the MK, Crystal Palace is very nice amd the Terrace Noodle Station in Tommarrowland is a quick change of pace.


I’m leaving in 15 hours, how can you expect me to even think clearly?!?!


Kona in the Poly is good, also I heard but never acually have been to the Plaza in MK


Alot of people have said good things about the Plaza restaurant at MK, but we have not tried it yet either.


Kona Cafe is very good.

Lunch at just about any Epcot place will be good, as well.


Pecos Bill or Plaza Restaurant iin MK
Electric Umbrella in Epcot
Rainforest Cafe in AK
50’s Prime Time Cafe in MGM Studios
Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney


Cookes of Dublin at DTD is pretty good!


We like…
Plaza or Liberty Tree in MK.
Garden Grill in Epcot.
50’s Prime Time in MGM.
Tusker House in AK.
Boma in AKL.


I have also heard that the food court in the Land Pavillion is better than most counter service places if you are looking for something quick. We will definitely try it out this trip.