Restaurant recs for large groups


I’m planning my family’s Grand Gatherings trip for Jan and I need a couple recommendations for fun restaurants. We’ll have 8 adults and 3 kids, ranging in age from 2 yrs-57 yrs. It’s a super fun group of people with a great sense of humor. Having been so many times, I’m familiar with lots of restaurants but I’ve never been with more than a total of 4 people. I was thinking Whispering Canyon Cafe since so many of my crew have a dry sense of humor and are really ornery; they’d play along with the CM’s. I haven’t been there since 1998…is the food still good?

I need 2 restaurants. One for our first night there, the other for an evening where we have no definite plans. We will have been at HS on both days in question. With the exception of my husband and kiddos, the rest of the crew will be Disney virgins. TIA!


Try 50s… You will be split up, but you might be in the same general area. We have laughed very hard at the wait staff there. on the same night, these two things happened:. My Dad spilled the pepper shaker, and the shaker broke. We told the waiter, and he came back with a broom and a dustpan and leaned it against the edge of the table and said, “I didn’t make that mess, you clean it up” We all laughed-especially the table behind us. Well, the guy at that table kept putting his elbows on the table while waiting for his food. The waiter came by, picked up the squirt ketchup bottle… and drew a line of ketchup across his area where his plate would be. He said, “Don’t cross that line”. We were crying. The whole section was laughing hysterically.

If you get a good waiter it can be so funny.


Biergarten is great for large groups. Good food, Oompah Band and the Polka - what could be better?


WDW does a great job with large groups and there are few places that aren’t large group friendly. I would suggest O’Hana too. LOVE IT! Coconut races are alot of fun for the kids.


50’s Prime Time Cafe


Ohana and Biergarten!!!

Both are so fun for everyone, great food and big atmosphere!


We like Hoop Dee Doo and 'Ohana with large groups.


Big River Grill accomodates groups well and is just a short boat ride from HS. Before or after eating take a stroll on the Boardwalk, let the kids plays some games or watch the performers.


Large groups?

'Ohana, Biergarten, possibly Crystal Palace, Whispering Canyon.
We did a Caveyfest at Spoodles, and I’d planned for as many as 20.
I’m sure that most restaurants can handle a group of 12, so long as you make the reservation far enough in advance. Also, you MUST go through Grand Gatherings, and not Disney Dining.


We had 15 people ages 2 to 71 back in April last year and had great luck with the places we ended up eating at.

Mama Melrose - Had a late lunch (3:00) and were seated all together at one large table. Barely anyone else in our area.

Chefs de France - Had another late lunch (3:00) and again were seated all together at one large table

Tusker House (Breakfast) - Seated at two long tables back to back. This was actually excellent because the characters used the space between the two tables to pose for photos. We got A LOT of character time.

Boma (Breakfast) - Seated at one large table, amazing server

Via de Napoli (Dinner) - Seated at the large table in the center of the room. The only issue here was that the high chairs come up a little short of the large table (it is sort of a high top) but it was not much of an issue with our 2 year old. She sat on a booster and was able to reach.

We also ate at the ESPN club and they sat us at two booths back to back (this was just a part of our group, not all 15 of us)


Thanks everyone! Great help! I’m not as concerned about whether or not they can accommodate 11 people, just need places that are fun for 11 people. I know Disney can handle a large group anywhere really. And, yes, I absolutely know to go through Grand Gatherings for everything. :happy: I’m just days away from making our ressies! So exciting!