Restaurantosaurus mcdonald or not?


When I called to make my dining plans I thought that this was just a mcdonalds in Animal Kingdom and then I was told by disney dining reservations that this was a regular character breakfast and that you had to make reservations for it but I held off but now I am on the disney website again and it says
Satisfy your prehistoric hunger by dropping by this restaurant for some delicious hamburgers and McDonald’s French fries. This rambling collection of rooms inhabited by student paleontologists (who study dinosaurs) is a funhouse of dinosaur memorabilia. Mammoth milkshakes and burgers make this restaurant truly a dining choice of “extinction”.
any ideas guys?


For Breakfast, it’s a Character Breakfast with Mickey, Donald, and gang. It’s definitely NOT McDonald’s food or McDonald’s prices.

After breakfast, it serves McDonald’s food. It basically turns into counter service which does not require an ADR.

Hope that helps!