Restaurants for MNSSHP



I was wondering if all the characters that appear at the MK restaurants dress up for MNSSHP? I think I’ve seen photos of the Liberty Tree characters, but I don’t remember if this was for the parties or just on Halloween? Also do the characters at CRT and CP dress up too?

If the characters do dress up what time do they change? I know you can get into the parties at 4pm and dinner servings usually start a little after that. Do the characters begin the dinner meal servings in costume or do they wait until 7pm when the party ‘officially’ starts?



At LTT they dress up in halloween costumes on party nights, that nite we ate at about 6:00 and they were dressed up


LTT is the only one. They should be taking ADRs for that when you buy your tickets for the parties. If your window is open for ADR’s, book it immediately. It books completely out.


At LTT they still have their Colonial Costumes on but for the MNSSHP they add some masks. Here are some pics from our 2005 trip