Restaurants in Epcot?


What is the best restaurant to eat at or snack at while watching Illuminations?



Your best bet is to get a snack or eat right before Illuminations,not DURING it.


The counter service in Mexico (Cantina de San Angel) has a patio seating area from which you can get a good view of Illuminations. It’s fun to watch with margarita in hand, if that’s your thing.

For a sit down, I’d recommend Rose and Crown in England. It’s the only sitdown at WS that is on the lagoon side. If you can get an outdoor table, it’ll give you the best view of Illuminations of any of the Epcot restaurants.


Thank you.



Rose and Crown for a meal is great.


Rose & Crown is great for sitdown (get a deck table on the lagoon). Mexico’s outdoor seating cantina joint is also good for snack…


There are restaurants in Epcot? :confused: :whistling :biggrin:


Rose & Crown !!

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Morroco is wonderful! We loved it during our last vist! It’s worth a try!


Ingamba is right, these two are known to be the best. We’ve done both. The Cantina has a little better view, but you have to get there very early and ward off intruders who try to get between your table and the rail. At R&C you can get a reservation (don’t have to get there and hour and a half ahead of time) and there are no intruders. Both great.


Even if you don’t get an outdoor table, just tell the waiter you want to go outside when the show starts. It’s not a problem and there’s plenty of room.