Restaurants in France


My mom requested dinner at the restaurant in France at Epcot. I just looked up the menus and saw that there are 2 restaurants: Bistro De Paris and Chefs de France. Does anyone know the difference b/w the two and any opinions on them?


The Chefs de France is like a cafe. The food is good and unique. The Bistro is an upscale, full blown French dinner. The food is amazing there. The menu changes all the time at the Bistro. The Bistro is upstairs behind the Chefs in the France Pavilion.

Now, if you are looking at a dinner and your party isn’t too large (4 or less guests) you should book your dinner for about 7:30 PM at the Bistro. If you get the window seat, they don’t guarantee it, you will have a nice, air conditioned view of Illuminations to go along with dinner.


They are both good. It just depends on if you wand a snack or a meal.


ate at chefs de france 2 yrs ago with the kids for lunch… It was delicious! I would recommend going there if you want to try it, but not true upscale dining… It was like eating in any other restaurant on property-and delicios too!


I know that we went to the place that was more like a bakery. My kids loved the croissant sandwiches and a dessert for a dinner. It was a favorite for the whole trip.


My wife and I ate at the Bistro De Paris a few years ago. It is a very nice upscale French restaraunt with great food. If you would like a nice quiet break and a good meal, I would highly recommend it.


Just to clarify. There are two sit down restaurants in France, the Chefs De France and the Bistro. The third place to get food is the Boulangerie Patisserie which is more or less counter service. I guess technically there is a forth place to get food called Crepes des Chefs de France, but all it serves is crepes.


Right, I’m looking to compare the 2 sit-down restaurants. Is one more upscale and the other more casual. Both menus sound just as “fancy” as the other. I’m confused! :huh:


Good clarification. And I agree with the rest - if you want a real “French” experience, try the Bistro - but it’s not a restaurant for kids. Chefs de France is better if you have children and a large party.


Ok, so if we’re looking for a nice meal, then we should do the Bistro? We are hoping to do the Candlelight Processional Dinner Pkge with it. I didn’t see a kids menu for the Bistro though. DD will be 8 so I don’t think she’d like the adult menu!


Yikes, I think then my mom must have heard of the Bistro and that’s what she wants to try. She tends to like more “high end” restaurants than I do. Regis and Kelly must have recommended it!! :crying:


chefs de france is the more casual place to eat. It does not feel more fancy than a nice neighborhood restaurant in your hometown. The service was fantastic, ad the food was great. The kids enjoyed it, and said that they liked the food…
The Bistro… is more white tablecloth… (still as delicious,but more fancy)
Hope that helps…


Unless your 8 year old is VERY sophisticated, I don’t think she’d enjoy the Bistro.:laugh: It’s definitely more of an adult place - but your mother needn’t worry about the food at Chefs de France - it’s still very “french” and the food is good - and there’s a kid’s menu. I had the salmon last time (in Feb) and it was delicious. If you’re planning an evening without kids, go for the Bistro, if not do the Chefs.


This is what I wanted to talk about! We took our kids to Bistro when they were younger, about that age! Bistro was TOTALLY for adults. There was nothing for the kids to look at or experience except a paper placemat and a few crayons. The waiters were very serious, and our table was in the middle of an almost-silent room.

It was quite stressful, because they were the only young kids in there (at WDW!!! Can you believe it?) and we were very mindful of all the romantic dinners happening around us. Keeping the kids orderly and quiet was more than challenging, and we pretty much swallowed our food whole so we could get the kids out before they exploded with boredom.

That said, the food we swallowed whole was really good! :laugh:


Wow, thank you so much!!! Chefs de France it is!

I can’t tell you how helpful those comments were. I was really at a loss over the differences b/w the 2. Now I know! DD would have killed me and probably ruined my dinner! :frown:

thanks again!


You bet, ssn! Have a great Chefs meal!