Restaurants not on DDP


We are supposed to be able to make our ADRs for our mid June trip next week, but I’m concerned because a number of the restaurants we want to eat at are not on the list. One CM said that all the restaurants participating in the DDP will likely end up on the list for next year, but another said maybe not. He said that they have to negotiate contracts and nothing is certain until the list is finalized, but they don’t know when that will be. Teppan Edo, Tangierine Cafe, Restaurant Marrakesh, Yak & Yeti, Boulangerie Patisserie are all missing from the list. Does this happen at the end of every year?


I dont’ know if that happened or not last year. Make the ADR’s anyway. If for some reason those places end up not participating, change the ADR. No harm, no foul. I can’t see the ones you listed not being involved…makes no sense at all. They stand to lose to much business if they don’t participate…to many WDW travelers now opt for the DDP.


I know that Teppan Edo was on the list this past year.
My DW & I ate there on DDP in August 2008.
It may have been 2 TS credits, I can’t recall.
We did the deluxe plan that trip, so it wasn’t a big deal.


Yes, that happens every year and they all will be on the list again :wink:


Yes this happens every year. The World Showcase restaurants are not owned by Disney. Apparently every year, Disney has to renegotiate with them. Usually sometime in late December or early January the list is updated and the restaurants are then listed as being available for the dining plan.


We used our DDP at Restaurant Marrakesh in Sept.